September 04, 2015



W e  l  c  o  m  e

Host Homes on the 2015 Harvest Tour of Homes  


Shall we begin on the front porch?




I do enjoy splashing the colors of Fall  all over my world. It's all about God's Creation, Nature, Seasons changing, Harvest time.

Fall is coming -even in south Alabama we begin to see clues around the end of August and early September...I begin searching the roadsides, wooded areas and parks for natural beauties left for me and get excited over strewn branches, cones/pods, mosses, lichen, and of course acorns and  gnarly branches of almost any specimen.


Ordinary pinecones are worth gathering  wherever I find them however; I do prefer uniform shapes and healthy firm cones like those scattered over my cousin's yard in south Georgia.  She was amused and wondered if we did not have pine trees in south Alabama.


You have been waiting long enough.

It's time to put out the



Welcome to the Harrison House

 South Alabama. 




 Harvest Tour of Homes

Let's get an early start, shall we?

Which do you prefer?
No Matter-

Let's Get Started Making the Most of a Fabulous Season-

Have I mentioned that I am still NOT OVER....
I Think it May Be A New Classic
Add caption


The artificial sprig w cones is called

Let's be HONEST now- I AM NOT DONE

[who spotted the pools of water?]

It's still a work in progress-
You will likely see these same scenes
with additions or revisions later

This porch redo was like playing
Retrieving pieces from one place and making a new home for it

Next WM list must include a new stock of candles for the LANTERNS
Lanterns are my most recent
"love 'em - gotta have 'em"



 Another Confession- I am STILL not Over the

Mattress Ticking Fabric

A New Classic for Me-



  Just in case you REALLY ARE MISSING

All the Orange Color
 all the traditional FALL colors from my front porch..
This is for YOU!

Isn't it great...the advantages of this technology era? [note the date on the photo]


 Follow Me into the


I am sure we can find a hot cup of fresh


Hot Tea if you like


Just For You


Remember, I am

Passionate about Rustic, Primitive

(the rustic basket kinda qualifies)

It's not at all unusual for me to
Mix it Up
The primitive/old, the New white enamel & the great piece of POTTERY



If your fall scenes cannot be without the traditional Autumn Colors

Then we will call these Mugs a rusty ORANGE
(instead of Red)


That wonderful stack of vibrant color MUGS

Are a gift from my newest DIL-Perfect Mix

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~outside on the deck using the bold colors of fiesta ware
J o n e l l


  1. Hi Jonell, You fall tour was quite fun. I love all the clever dialogue and the different spots you brought autumn to your home. Have a great holiday weekend.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a note. I absolutely love doing what I do-meaning this blog! I feel I have to make it interesting, fun as well as leave something of myself with you when I write..the good times and the difficult days. Thanks for being a part of the home tour..btw I have a bit more ready to post but want to wait a few days after Labor day and 9-11 focus and the next post will be like a continuation of this one -

  2. Visiting from the Harvest Tour of Homes as a fellow participant! Enjoyed your "neighborly" talk! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Thank you for leaving a note- Now I know someone has notice what I have put together. You've just made my afternoon!

  3. Hi Jonell,
    I'm visiting as a fellow participant of the Harvest Tour of Homes.
    Your porch looks so inviting...I would love to sit there with some coffee please ;-)
    Lori from LL Farm

    1. Lori: Our front porch is indeed a good place to visit. I'm so glad to see you have stopped by-It really helps to know there actually is an audience out there , doesn't it!!! There is more to come of Fall posts- I have one waiting to be added maybe around the middle of the month.. I think You will like it-a bit shorter [my intent was to 'follow' each participant- let me know if I missed doing that]

  4. Jonell, I am stopping by from the Harvest Home Tour. I love your front porch! The lanterns, the rocker and the ticking fabric….LOVE! Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you- my weekend is about to get better as we soon as I get my "house in order " a friend is coming over. Lanterns are my new fav thing for the past two years...they are easier to put in place than the typical outdoor lights we've always used during Christmas time..I will dbl check to see that I did 'follow" you too!

  5. Loved it all but the burlap on the table was really cool! Needed a new idea for outside on our patio so now I might have the right idea! Thanks for all the ideas....

    1. So glad you found something to grab onto and use- part of my basic supplies [decorating] now is burlap/yardage, also the mattress ticking fabric -add that to our usual stash of table linens [vintage for me][ and you have a good start- I used some of the burlap yardage to cut and fringe for both table runners and of the easiest things in the world to do-thank you for the kind words.

  6. Hi Jonell, I loved your tour, you have a beautiful home. I am also participating in the Harvest Home Tour and have enjoyed stopping by all the fall homes. Thank you for letting us have a peek into your home!

    1. Oh yes, I love doing it actually both online and in what we call REAL me that's what our home is for sharing with others in many different ways. Thank you-R E A L L Y for leaving a sweet note-it's rewarding to know 'someone is reading' and enjoying -

  7. You crack me up! The date on those pictures... I tried forever to get that off my camera back in the day, but couldn't, so when I got the pictures, I either cut it off or used a marker to color over it lol

    You have a beautiful home and front porch :)

    Yay Fall! Or Autumn ;)


  8. well, at least I am honest...I called attention to the dates so I'm not hiding anything. I just knew some ppl were not going to be impressed with fall décor and no traditional fall colors..just trying to please everyone lol [at me]

  9. I love all of your furniture on your big front porch. I wish I had a big porch like ya'll have in the south. We are building a cabin in Alaska and adding a big porch because that's what I love. The pops of color on your porch are lovely too. Visiting you from Harvest Home Tour.

    1. I must tell you Kathleen, That southern front porch was my husband's design..we bought this place-with nothing more than steps and a landing at the door-(house built in 1937) My husband told the builder he wanted a real porch not a "porch wannabee"..he didn't want to have to retreat indoors when there was a little 'sprinkle shower' of rain..That porch has been the setting for so many morning devotions, prayers, tears and talks...I have to reinvent it now without him...when you have time to browse you will find lots of porch scenes- your note made my day-R E A L L Y-God Bless You!

    2. I am already following you~

  10. Lookin' good over there!! It's still hot here but I'm sure looking forward to fall. I'd love to sit on your sweet porch with a cup of coffee.

    1. Stacey believe it is still SUMMERTIME over her- typical for the area but hey we can DREAM, can't we!!! And besides we'l all be ready for the real thing when it surprises us & that is what usually happens-it catches us by surprise. Browse the blog when you can there are many many porch photos and we get to know each other- I will FOLLOW you if I find have not already!

    2. I am a new FOLLOWER ~Now Yaaay~

  11. As always.... It's all gorgeous! Thank you, thank you, thank you for always joining in, and helping out when I have a harebrained idea. You outdid yourself!

    1. Stop it my friend w the self deprecating harebrained idea noted but I do hope you can always count on me for back up in every way ok? Strange as the combination [you and me] may seem I think we can work well together..communicate honestly and accommodate each other's differences w/o taking offense..a pretty good partnership dontcha think?

  12. How lovely is your porch Jonell. I love the big table and the lovely chairs. Stopping by from the Harvest Home tour.

    1. Vanessa: believe me I wish you could! H O M E is for O T H E R S and sharing. If I thought you all would show up I would schedule a YARDEN PARTY for blogger contacts. I WOULD.


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