September 25, 2015


Can We Just Call This A "Frivolous Friday" Post?

I would love to see your reaction to this post -  in person.
Have you ever read my words:  "It just doesn't take much to please me.?
I often say it because it's true.
I get excited over some of the smallest, often strange things

This is one example.

Going out my front door one day there  on a bench beside the porch rail lay a big bundle of

Garlic Blooms- Yes, Garlic Blooms!

They had just been cut-still fresh.

I knew where they came from because this is not the first time this has happened.
Several years ago there appeared a bundle of garlic blooms waiting to be discovered out in our back yard.
At first my husband got credit for it but being unpretentious and honest he admitted it was not his
love offering. Not long afterwards a dear friend asked if I had found them.

She's done it again- or rather she was responsible for it.  When Martha saw that her husband was cutting them [happens about June every summer] she asked him to save some and drop off for me.

There's only the faintest sniff of a garlic and they dry quickly with no fuss  and keep their [round] shape.   You can use an aerosol spray [dye] to spray the dried blooms in a basil green that looks like they are freshly cut. Ask Your favorite floral designer /florist to get it for you.

If you had no idea what a garlic bloom looks like then I hope this just made your day!

Looking Forward -
J 0 N E L L


  1. Little touches like these make my day as well...that someone took the time to think of me, and know that it would bring joy to my life. You have a very nice friend, and the garlic blooms are beautiful!!!

  2. Yes, I think they are beautiful too Olivia-Thank you for taking the time to leave me a note. Loving it!


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