September 18, 2015

Whatever You're Thinking- It's Not

08 - 18 - 2013 - 10:30 p.m.
U N D E R  C O N S T R U C T I O N
- My intent is to be just transparent enough to prompt you to say-
"I get that" - "Been there" - "Am there now"


What people see is not
 always what is.
What people think
 is not always what is.

People often think I have it all together-
That's not what is.

I have only a little  t o g e t h e r...
Most days

People even seem to think I have a an active interesting life.

They don't register the A l o n e  time

Alone Days

Don't take this too much to heart-

Just allow me to be me.

Learning to be Alone-

Who ever knew?

I've often said in the past:

 "I don't mind being alone-I can enjoy alone time"

Who knew I would actually miss talking with other people?

( Shifting Gears- )

That's what  morning coffee is for...

Putting myself into the world
Where I get to smile at people
Have a few smile at me

Take a book or a magazine, pull out my smart phone and they conclude that I'm a regular, normal person -

.. Some of the young people "Know me by name." Well at least my last name- they add a Mrs. to that and it becomes very personal.

..if it's really my lucky day I talk with a few people. 

If they are really having a good day- I don't bore them  by talking too much - like one of those people who need to get out more.

I know the nice CF people would be kind but I don't want to leave anyone with that awful stereotype of older people...You know...those people who have nothing to do but 'have coffee' And those old folks who talk incessantly-Sharing things of no real interest to anyone -
Not even to the nice polite college students Who respond to everything with

"My Pleasure"

No, I refuse to mess with their day...

This can get to be an uncomfortable conversation if I continue to drag it out

So, I won't...

If my thoughts have prompted you to be more aware of 'others' it's a win-win for you, me and

others -

"My Pleasure"

Note to self:  I'm trying to slip this little post In without calling attention to it -hoping to limit it's audience while allowing me to have a place to share what's on my mind. -Nothing more.  


  1. :) I'm sure that if I were there, our coffee talk would definitely turn into hours....


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