November 06, 2011

~Going Back To School?

The old Patterson High School Building- [Patterson, Ga.]
is finally getting a long needed wonderful Face Lift and is
being repurposed.  As a member of the graduating class of
1959 this does my heart good! 
This view is the front left [the Principal's Office]
The right side [see second walkway on the right]
 is the mirror image of the other end of
the building and is the Library side.  The Auditorium is/was
in between in the middle.  I have not yet seen the interior and
have no idea what changes have already been made.   
I look forward to seeing the finished project.
The white rails of course are a recent addition .
Does anyone else think those front steps we girls
posed and reclined on were  much larger in the 1950's?

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