November 20, 2011

Thank You Notes~

It truly is the THANKSGIVING SEASON, however; I cannot wait for Thanksgiving Day to express my thank yous for what God has done and is doing in our lives.  When my husband is am I.  When Ted is in trouble needless to say his wife can & usually does become a slight basket case.  It has been a difficult week beginning with Saturday, November 12th when I got "that call." Yes, it could have been worse, much worse but on a scale of 1-10 it still registers on
the scale of "life events" right up there with the memorable & milestone events. 
Thank you Heavenly Father for walking the walk with us.  Thank you Jesus for hearing me when I  cry out.  And Holy Spirit thank you for finishing my prayers when I cannot find the words to express my  needs.

Thank you for carrying the added burden, taking the extra steps and for propping me up when I would waver.  Some things as a mere human I cannot handle alone but then I am reminded my Creator made me for this relationship with him, with the plan and desire for me to lean on Him and accept that hand - holding secure,

Yesterday our oldest, never married son Steve married his sweetheart Carol and the wedding was both sweet & fun too. They did not have the Hallelujah Chorus at the end of the ceremony as I had wanted but I gave God the Praise  anyway!

Ted was not able to be at the wedding since he had just been discharged from the hospital [a week in ICU] and getting dressed, attached to oxygen, into a vehicle, traveling an hour and back again was just not a wise option the following day.  In fact it would not have been an option if the wedding had been a day later.  Today "we" are determined, taking what one might call 'baby steps' with serious rest stops in between each endeavor. Tomorrow may be a challenge returning to the hospital almost an hour away but after that I feel confident that each day will bring good changes-improvement. 

More wedding details will follow soon - pictures and video and additional thoughts & observations on the whole affair.
This is Mother of the Groom flowers.  Wedding Photos Coming Soon~

post script: Another  five days back in the hospital from Sunday afternoon through Friday. Now on Saturday November 26th we are very much encouraged. The past 24 hours at home have seen no surprises except good ones. ...and His mercy endures forever.

I forgot to mention we had our Thanksgiving Day meal together in his hospital room.  It was inspired.
I chose a colorful old picnic basket and fitted and filled it appropriately for a thanksgiving feast [minimal but fancy] like none we had ever shared. 

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