January 30, 2013

Can We Talk About Sweethearts?

Disclosure: No, this was not taken
 in 2012//about 5 years ago-

Simply because it's February and the month of Sweethearts and Valentines, of course. So Be a Sweetheart  y'all and humor me today. These are but a few of the Sweethearts in my life.

You do not have to be a husband/wife to be a Sweetheart, Nor does one have to be engaged to be married . Many people  I readily call a Sweetheart. 

My friend Pam is a real Sweetheart because she is a temporarily a long distance friend who makes the effort to keep our friend connection alive.  We are in touch more now than when she was living just a few miles away.  We value that friendship more now knowing we won't visit in person for months.  How sad that we take for granted dear ones close by because they are 'always there.' 

Our dear dear Sweethearts among friends - Jennie & Melissa and across the street neighbor Dee we so appreciate. We can always count on them for anything at all. They each know they can call, run over or email with even the most trivial request. We often pray for them and don't hesitate to ask for prayers.  Sometimes a week, even two may pass without a conversation with these precious neighbor friends..still they are Sweethearts!

Our little Troy University students [two from China,one American]  we met in the fall and had in our home for lunch-they are connections I would call such Sweethearts. They were so receptive to our reaching out and trying to keep that new relationship going and so gracious to allow us to take pictures to post here and on Facebook. Such Sweethearts!

Our Children, their spouses and our Grands...Sweethearts...Always and I often call them Sweetheart...and of course that "Southern tag of SUGAR".. my little sister Gwen & little brother Carl I call a Sweetheart-So thankful to have them still.

I must add you, my regular or occasional Readers and faithful Blog Followers..such SWEETHEARTS to even be interested in what I have to say! Some check in regularly & I see your town/city on my tracker..others actually take time to give me FEEDBACK.. What A Sweetheart  those are. It always makes me smile inside and out.

Hold on, I only have two more Honorable Mentions .  First is my Sweetheart of a Blogger Friend Heather Graham  Such a Sweetheart in so many ways..and of course a few of that elite group of MY Girls in Texas that follow along. - Sweethearts All!

And Last...but First the Sweetheart of my Life..my silver Fox. Yes, even with the loss of the silver temporarily he's still my silver fox ...I could never have imagined in May 1958 what an incredible [unbelievable] Love Story we would be living out even 54 years later. Not a day in these 54 yrs have I wished to be anywhere else...the safest most joyous place to be..in the arms of one who's devoted his all to you. My SWEETHEART for Life!

Looking Forward...[my personal challenge to you: Share some love with the Sweethearts in your life.Perhaps LEAVE A COMMENT here to tell brag/PTL  about your Sweethearts.]

post script: The one big groups of Sweethearts I never forget are those in my Lydia S.S. class And Anela & those ladies Bible Study Sweethearts..precious, precious, dear Godly, praying, loving Sweethearts in my life. I and my Love count on the prayers of these so dear to my  heart.


  1. I think a little sweetheart named Jonell deserves to be honored for her selflessness and care for others. You are so sweet to always lift others up and lavish kindness upon all of us who stop your way. What a bright spot in the blogosphere you are!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  2. You, my sweet, sweet, sweetheart of a friend are such a blessing! I cherish our years together that we had in person... and I am truly treasuring our "reconnection"! Love you dearly...

  3. Anonymous2/08/2013

    Happy Friday.
    I'm your newest follower from the hop.
    I also have a hop going on right now would be great if you stop by and link up your blog.
    Have a nice day.


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