January 19, 2013

Old Favorites -Also Known As Re-Runs~

Re-Run #1-Inspired as I read old posts and take note of how many views they had. And besides...You may have missed these. Enjoy! [this repost originated on my first blog Down the Lane  ]

Sometimes people bless me with strange gifts. This week a large bundle of freshly pulled from the ground stalks of dried and drying OKRA just appeared on the back of Ted's golf cart. I was a bit slow-saw something from a distance but wasn't curious enough to take a close look..just assumed it was something Ted had dropped there. Two or three days later as I walked over, took a close look and realized it was stalks of okra pulled up roots and all. That's when I knew I had the most amazing husband on this earth. That sweetheart had salvaged those from who knows where and KNOWING HOW I LOVE NATURALS brought them home for me..

He was working at the back yard and I called out to him "Ted, where did you get those stalks of Okra?" He answered "I didn't -I thought you had brought them home."

Funny, he should have taken credit but that's okay now I know someone who knows my peculiar love of naturals has just done the most thoughtful thing..he or she remembered! and shared.
It's still a mystery- someone will confess though.

Now I ask you~ what does it say about one when your friends or your husband's friends bring you strange gifts? That's not the first or strangest. Ted's friends have sent me things like a huge beautifully in tact HORNET'S NEST a few years back. Another sent me unique beautiful little rocks collected while on vacation in Colorado. My sweetheart brought home a large collection of huge incredible ACORNS from a White Oak once..still have some of those too.

Strange, Mysterious and wonderful! I do enjoy God's creation.

Post Script:  Mystery solved! While visiting with friends she asked me if I found the OKRA her husband left for me! I should have known..Robert and Martha are such fabulous precious friends.

Re-Run #2 Copied from my first blog Down the Lane.

                                    Once Upon A Time

Yes, there was a time in the far distant past when I longed for those 'little ones' to be able to just feed, dress and bathe themselves!

And there was the time when I wished they wouldn't run so fast, scream so loudly or allow the doors to slam so often.

Later still I prayed for them to be home on time, to talk to me about their problems and to just tell me the truth. I could handle most surprises armed with the truth.

Some time passed and I could adjust to just seeing most of them once or twice a year if I had to..and sometimes we did.."had to".

Now in the 8th decade of life I find myself longing to see my children -that includes their mates too. In years past we have often said emphatically that we do not want to live down the street or around the corner from our children..Now, that sounds pretty good.. Nothing quite compares to that moment when they walk in the door and greet us with big smiles and hugs. Nothing!

What's going on..mmm maybe I'm just getting old?

Re Run #3 copied from Down the Lane  


I am at a place in life where the focus is on Cousins..none of us in my family have living parents at this point in time and have begun to loose first Cousins. The memories we share are truly unique. Consider the world as it is today in the 21st century..my generation was blessed to live in such a special and unique time. It was by today's standards such an uncomplicated, simple life. People had time for each other. Children actually had summer vacations even though VACATIONS were not a part of our lives. It wasn't always playtime. Work was almost always a part of our Summers but so was free time, carefree time to roam the fields, woodlands and make up games as we walked the railroad tracks and what a sweet treasured memory I have of sitting on the front porch rail of Jack & Laura Mobley's farmhouse with my slightly younger cousin Eulita-[Laura Eulita Mobley] we called her Leedie- as she and I leisurely awaited the sight and sounds of the train and a chance to wave at the Engineers and workmen as they passed by. I have total recall of climbing fences and gates into fields to get to Pear trees and ambling through the woods discovering things like Wild Violets?

We first cousins spent summers & holidays together if we didn't live in the same community. Many of us went to the same school & church. We shared bedrooms, beds..and quilt pallets on the floor. There was no such thing as a room for each person. If two double beds would fit in a room It had two beds. Then the children, as families showed up for special occasions, would be sleeping 3 or four to a bed depending on the size of the children. If they were little ones there might be one sleeping cross ways at the foot of the bed.

There was always room or a way to make room for the company that would show up. No invitation-truly Old Fashioned Southern Hospitality at it's best.

We could never have imagined that one day not so far in the future we would be scattered all over the Southeast, even the Midwest..and not see each other often for many, many years. Still we have what we shared. It's ours..the past, the family-the reunions, the kick the can games at dusk, building tunnels with square bales of hay in the barn loft...raiding the burlap bag of pecans in aunt Laura's pantry at the end of the dog trot[side porch].

My cousin "Leedie" was so much more privileged than I. I was at times jealous I am sure of things like that wonderful painted Doll House she got for Christmas..I'll bet that beauty cost $5.00, came from Sears I am quite sure and I was so easily impressed..they even had AVON products in their house. I remember some of the containers that came to be "keepers" like the little powder jar I now have on an old vanity in a spare bedroom. I forgot to mention Eulita who was Leedie to most of us as a youngster, had another nickname. Uncle Jack called her "monkey." That's all right. It's a southern thing I suppose? Her next in birth order brother Eugene had several nicknames over the years. His Grandma Kitchens called him "Biddie" then as we grew a little older, I'm not exactly sure when "Biddie" turned into "Bennie". It could have been when we advanced from the local Mershon Elementary School to Patterson on our way to High School. Again at some point it became Gene and I think his contemporaries all know him as Gene. Their next older brother James had the "nickname" of "Baker". I was told that someone [was it again Grandma Kitchens?] tagged him with that saying his feet were as big as a Baker..referring to a particular baking pan. I don't recall the other 3 cousins in that family having a nickname. I never had one and since I never was thrilled with the name Jonell..encouraged people with whom I worked to feel free to call me Jo remembering how I loved the "Aunt Josephine" who became Aunt Jo to all of us.

I cannot write about my childhood without recalling special times with cousins and Eulita was a special part of those years. I was able to see her about 4 years ago. Communicating was difficult then but with patience it was possible to connect and for that I am so thankful.

Continued: Re Run #4


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  1. I'm so glad you doing re-runs! These are great stories and I enjoyed kicking back and feeling right at home with you this morning reliving your past! I have two of mine far from home now too and honestly it's just not right. Thanks for posting these Jonell!


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