January 15, 2013

Oh Dear, Oh My, We Gotta Get Out More Often~

While we have never been world travelers, in recent months our getting out of town, big events have been the drive to Birmingham at least every three weeks. Honestly I know that's sad, I mean SAD-since the big trips are for my husband's regular chemo therapy appointments.  I know- it sounds strange.
Read on...be patient. This is a long post!

With that in mind you'll understand when I say I have hardly left home for the past month. Of course we have to count several trips to Wal Mart.  We would all go there...even on the way to the cemetery I imagine.  [Who said Gramma does not have a sense of humor!]

On December 17th I went to the Nail Salon and the same night we joined the Lydia Sunday School Class for a wonderful annual Christmas gathering. Before the end of the week I just couldn't resist scheduling a quick trip to Urgent Care and no, we did not cancel our family Christmas date on the 23rd. You get the picture there.

All that tedious background to get here-yesterday on January 14th I was suddenly inspired...
  • She:  "Hey would you like to go somewhere for a sandwich late this afternoon?" 
  • He:  "But, we'll just eat it!" See, he has a sense of humor too.
  • Two or three hours later I felt much more like venturing out after a shower, shampoo and a bit of sprucing up. I can't run to town [ Troy-8 miles away] without 'bundling'  some other errands. It's called using time & gasoline well- so I grab a pair of slacks to drop off at the Dry Cleaners and check to see if my husband has anything for the cleaners. If I lay the slacks down in the den I'll easily remember and grab them on the way out.  Now-purse, telephone, camera, [ remember? I'm a Blogger] doors locked and lights out behind us..off we go!
 You know what's going to happen: 
  • A mile or two down highway 231> He: "Did you get the slacks for the Dry Cleaners?"
  • She: "No, OF COURSE NOT!"  and no, we won't go back home to retrieve them. ..better luck next time Jonell.
  • Along the highway I am noticing things that seem 'new' to me..Where have I been? When did that happen? You can begin to laugh at us now..we'll never know.
Okay people the big decision now:
  • He: "Where do you want to go?"
  • She: "I don't know..whatever you want. I don't have a PLAN."
  • He:  "But it was your idea-you have to have a plan."
  • She:  "Well, I don't. Let's rule out options. You don't like Santa Fe."
  • He: "No, it's too noisy."
  • She: "I guess not Ruby Tuesday...bad experience last time,right."
  • He:  " No."
  • She  " I don't think I want  Mama Goldberg's.'
  • He:  " Okay."
  • She: " Alright, let's cross off Wendy's, Dairy Queen, Hardy's [Mac Donald's] ."
  • He:  "How about the new one -Chick Fil a ?"
  • She:  " That's okay. We've seldom been to one but everybody says it's good, we can both find something we like after all it's not like I am starving." We never to to Chicken Only restaurants and never fry Chicken..only Baked.
  • He:  Silent acquiescence-meaning: "Sure, that's okay."
  • Problem solved. It's a new restaurant and I recall him telling me it was now open. Everything is so shiny new ...I would imagine  they still have their management staff there training the newly hired crew.
  • It takes a little focus to turn into the right entrance to get to the main parking lot and yes there are people inside. Keep going...mmm looks like white shirt management personnel  inside. Guess what, I don't think they are open. Continue through the two 'drive thru' lanes carefully observing as we drive around toward the exit driveway there big as life on the big red and white sign it says:  GRAND OPENING- JANUARY 24TH.
  • Do we need new glasses or do we need to not check our brain at the front door as we leave home?!
  • Amusing.
  • Keep going north on 231-
  • She: "You don't want  Pizza Hut." 
  • She:  "We don't want COUNTRY'S."
  • He:  "We are about to run out of choices." 
  • She: "Would you want to go back to Captain D's and just order a couple of pieces of fish each and go home?"
  • He: "If you're thinking fish I would rather go back to Mossy Grove [where we go for Catfish] and order to take out..eat it at home."
  • She: "That's fine with me"
  • It's 5 minutes to reach Mossy Grove ..we look at the clock.
  • He: "It's 5:18 so they are open."
  • She: "No, it's 4:18. This clock has not been changed."
  • The sign assures us that yes, they indeed open at 5 p.m. That's why we always aim for 5:30.
  • She:  "Is there something we need from Lowe's?"
  • He: "Yes ."
Inside Lowe's: We look for PVC post caps to replace those on the front doorstep rails and browse materials to replace the newly discovered rotten boards around the front door steps. Apparently 'good' is not good enough. We need a material that lasts beyond four or five years.
Notice: Lowe's is like every other place we shop...you get to walk a mile at least as you shop. I knew the post caps were all the way to the far end and was not sure it was wise for my husband to commit to all that walking. He's into what we call the "good days" further and further from the last chemo infusion so he does feel  stronger. That's all relative. He insists he is okay with it.  You guessed it. We make it to the "far end" and yes I was right but no, they did not have the size we need.  That's okay the nice man with the Lowe's Vest says they have some in the Garden area...at the "other opposite far end"...we trail behind him.
And yes, You are getting the picture-wrong! It's not what we need. He's still being a good sport, not really complaining except to remind each person in a Lowe's Vest..."that's okay, I'm sure Home Depot will have it!"  She: "Hey that was a slam wasn't it,"  lol Yes we are still able to laugh out loud at ourselves!

Now I am thinking. ..really thinking:
  • Did either of us notice on the Mossy Grove restaurant sign if they listed Mon -Sat or Tues-Sat ? Today is Monday. Are they closed on Monday. lol  Y'all, we do have a cell phone-but I don't have their number on it. Yes we have a GPS  but I could plug it in and search 'nearby restaurants,' but I think I won't.
  • Why not? Frankly we are beginning to see a definite pattern here. And just as honestly I think we are about 50/50 enjoying/frustrated with this little outing.  Did I mention that we are both getting to the Plan B Exit..
  • She:  "We do have food at home-actually lots of food. "
  • I start rattling of menu options and my easy to please husband quickly makes a choice.
  • I think this is where many people would remind us: "It just doesn't pay to go off half cocked without a plan...knowing what, where you are going armed with at least minimal information."
  • I agree
  • Dinner was ready in about 45 minutes. Yes I had to cook it. It didn't kill me to do it. And by the way it was actually good and we didn't have to be concerned about whether or not the kitchen [at home] was clean. Nor did either of us complain of too much food or not cooked to our liking.
  • Next time -Don't forget the dry cleaning.
Post Script: I can just hear certain family members saying: "Mom, do you and Dad have these problems often?"

Looking Forward,
p.s. #2 :  Sorry for a No Pictures post..perhaps I will go back and take a picture of the new restaurant and the Mossy Grove restaurant sign..and empty parking lot. Will share~
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  1. This sounds like our "outings"... We typically spend our Saturday mornings garage sale shopping, with very little organization. It is kind of nice, though, to just get out with your sweetie, and spend some quality time in the vehicle - nothing else to distract you, but sweet conversation! I'm glad you guys got out, and I have to admit, I laughed! :)

  2. I have to admit, my daughter and I have these dinner choice conversations constantly. She refuses to just say where she wants to eat and I have to list 20 things before she'll hit on one she wants. It's best just to cook at home. Glad you made it through your driving adventure. Hope you kicked back and relaxed after that!

  3. Oh girl you gave me a good laugh. Sounds just like something hubby and I would do. I too bundle when I go out. Why not, when a trip to town is 20 minutes away? Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. Now following you.


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