January 04, 2013

Can We Back Up & Start Over?

Thank God for the Delete Option 

Yes, I actually can back up and start over...thanks to that "delete" option.  And why would I want to do that? Frankly I have been doing some whining lately.  I didn't know I was whining when I chose "publish" instead of 'draft' or 'delete' options.  I didn't mean to be whining.  Some quiet, analytical  introspection is sometimes required to be able to see one's self as she really is.  Does that make any sense?  I don't know ...yet. I am still analyzing  and I don't pretend to have the answers.  I am still asking questions [of myself].

We all know even when we apologize for words or deeds & are forgiven - we cannot actually make those words or actions dissappear and not have ocurred. God forgets but how often we find those missteps still hanging out there like  little dark clouds floating past in the distance. 

In contrast to real life -in BLOGGERLAND- we have those magical options of Save, Publish or Delete. This is unlike the 'accidentally' sent email  you so wish you had not chosen to 'send'. It takes a while for many of your Blog readers to get around to your latest post so with just a little luck few if any will have read that less than encouraging or challenging post you shared in a weak moment. 

Whooppee!! There's another thing I can add to my THANKFUL LIST. Thank God for the "delete" option on my blog. I really can erase or back up and start over and I would much rather leave my readers with a somewhat amusing take on my personal revelation. Quite possibly you find this amusing simply because you have had the same 'conversation with self'...and it's perfectly okay if you are laughing at/with me. I will never know unless you choose to disclose it. I much rather leave you laughing...even at me  than to leave you discouraged and gloomy.

Looking Forward...with you -to a 2013 in which I can truly be useful to the Lord I serve and who's name  I wear: "Christian"

No My Peanut Tree does not have this many blooms in
January but it does still have a few beautiful yellow blooms
hanging on though not for long I am sure. 


  1. Whewh! Amen to that! I've used the delete button more often, than not. And, I'm so excited about spring!! When Christmas comes down in my house, I'm ready to plant flowers.... ready to get rid of this cold weather, and plant, plant, plant! Hugs to you!!

    1. Yes me too..we got the outdoor lights, Joy banner and nativity down yesterday [w a bit of help] and have begun peeling away the Christmas layers to pack away. When God made man he knew we would need change. Loving you!

  2. Happy New Year to you Jonell! I hope you were able to link up with Friendship Friday (visiting from the comments!) I probably use the Edit button more than the Delete button but it is similar in function (smile).

    For 2013 I chose one word, Journey, to symbolize the year ahead, and I just really wanted to take a moment to let you know how glad I am that you are a part of mine!

    Look forward to deepening our friendship in the New Year.

    Create With Joy

    1. It is so very neet knowing there is someone actually reading what I am writing!! Thank You, and thank you again!
      I have not yet been able to zero in on my "one word" for this New Year...I will get there.



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