January 04, 2013

January 2013 in the Deep South-Our Unique Viewpoint

Yes, yes, we know it's only the second week of Winter according to the calendar.
Yes, we do understand that Spring does not show up until the Month of March.  Nonetheless, this is how we think.  It's how we see things in the deep South-the state of Alabama. It never fails-we stumble into the first weeks of January and I put on my planner & organizer hat and begin looking close up toward Springtime. I begin making lists, plotting projects.  It matters not what the weather outside is doing...wet, stormy, unseasonably warm, whatever-I always know Springtime is coming very very soon, ready or not.
There are plants that have been ignored, neglected.  There are flower beds that have had no attention in the Fall, even some prominent flowers that we know are to be pruned or cut back seriously and on schedule are still waiting their turn for necessary attention. 
And did anyone notice all the small limbs left after some windy weather days...they will dissappear and my focus will be on all the bare branches and how totally beautiful our outdoors will be when those naked trees are covered again with leaves!!
I do the same thing  indoors...started working on clearing out the unbearable clutter in the freezer this morning. Just the way my mind works. Confession: I know this does not mean I will have it all done on schedule-but, hey a girl can dream!

Looking Forward,


  1. Anonymous1/05/2013

    Jonell, your writings are so refreshing, reminding us of the pleasure and blessing of simple things in our lives, and being thankful for them. After all everything comes from our God.

  2. Love your new header, Jonell! The change in seasons seems to propel most people to keep moving and doing and challenging themselves to keep at this thing called life. Since we aren't getting any seasonal change whatsoever this year down in Florida, I'm having to force the idea of renewing and reworking right now. I'm longing for some Winter to keep the grass from having to be cut and the hedges from having to be trimmed, so I could have a break. But that isn't happening here this year with our extra warm Winter. Well, so it goes and off I go to get some more gas for the mower and get busy and sweat and work those muscles. At least it keeps me active. Hope you enjoy your organization and that keeping an eye on that great outdoors that is always changing!


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