March 11, 2013

Saturday Spring-spiration

This is my inspiration post..load it up-head out-get going
It's time to start crossing off some of those "will do" when
Spring gets here jobs

Enough THYME for sharing

Personally, I am not likely to actually spend money on the
yard art--more likely to make something similar myself
The Thyme, The Thyme---makes one wanna grab a
whole basket full-instead I will TAKE TWO-
Read On -There's More

We lost our geraniums last year..time for a few starters
to nuture for summertime..always love THE RED ONES
does that surprise anyone?
Of course I DID get the Thyme in the ground- two little
pots will make enough for me plus plenty for sharing,

OOOOOOkay ladies, grab your carts and fill 'em up. I must confess we do not get it all done in one Saturday- you know that. Our yard projects are usually done in shifts of perhaps an hour then it's time
for 'sitting and swinging or maybe rocking, but eventually it gets done. At any rate we get enough done
to make us feel good about it.

We know there are a few people in the community who make a habit of driving down our street regularly to see what we are up to..We do like to make enough progress to make it worth the trip.  An of course you have to have pictures for sharing with blogger friends near and far.

Enough with the SPRING-SPIRATION...Let's get busy!

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  1. Photos are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I'm heading out to the store, now, to buy some plants! I'm ready to dig in the dirt! The blog is looking amazing, too, by the way! Just wonderful! :) Love ya!


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