November 26, 2014

Being Thankful

Being Thankful

Just a a note:  Before you make that last list, before you fill the car with gas, before you pack that weekend bag, before you grab that bunch of flowers or the fruit basket for your hosts, before you run the vacuum cleaner one last time, before you make the bathroom company fresh, before you open the blinds & light the candles-
Look around You- (as I am) at the bounty, the blessings of the loved ones around you (or will be soon) Remember for a few moments the gifts of life, breath & (hopefully) Salvation ..the recent gifts of incredible people God has begun to cement into your life/my life to 'shore up' the precious ones already in place (family) and when you have done this I pray you will whisper along with me "what a wonderful God I serve! He can handle anything coming our way..just as He always has- I surrender all."


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