September 21, 2014

My Safe Place..Space-

''Oh my Lord God of Heaven, Earth, Creation and all that is and will ever be:  In this world with so much suffering, chaos, cruelty, evil and conflict between nations and families and individuals I pray  you Holy Spirit would sift out all this from my brain...from my being and replace it ever so perfectly with calm, order, caring, kindness, patience in our relationships, our communities and families."

As I  sat this morning in my ' hideaway ' my Wisteria Arbor built by my loved one when he knew it would be the last project he would finish from my 'honey do' list....I sat remembering a life, a relationship with another who even more than myself had disdain for conflict...a life and times with more than the usual amount of harmony filling our days.

As a 17 year old when we met then 18+ when we married I didn't even know enough to pray for such amazing things in a marriage but in His perfect plan and merciful  provision He just gave me all this. 

Sitting in this wonderful, though mostly avoided special place [ for the past 13 months] I am remembering good things, sweet precious things not regrets...hardly  a regret can be dredged up..unless it would be a regret there was not even more time. I am sure that's quite normal.I won't pretend this time can always be spent without a melt down with my heart tearing open just as it did 13 months ago. The  tears are not used up yet for sure.

After having avoided this place for 13 months it's time to stop neglecting it and make use of it as we talked about.The outdoor pillows must be magically made fresh again if possible and the 'rock rug' will need a redo...that means raking and collecting them so I can get rid of a few unwanted things like those always healthy weeds.  Then I'll be able to use the weed eater [ mower won't fit] and replace the natural rock rug -that's my tag for the walk through space covered with the white rocks.

Next I need to get the burned out clear lights down and replace with some new ones I have stored in the attic so I can again enjoy the tastefully lit arbor  as the lights automatically come on near dark.  Thanks family members who immediately made that happen when they heard that Dad/Pop had suggested this finishing touch to his labor of love.

After a gentle soaping and scrubbing of the wood surfaces and something unique and creative, but kinda sorta natural in the rustic  old bird cage...My spot will be open for business I think.

If you too have a special hideaway  as I do won't you share in comments? I would love to hear about it and if you will email or use facebook to share pictures that would be great~

Looking F o r w a r d,

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