August 27, 2012

Whatsoever Things Are True~ A Praise the Lord Anyway Day

.....whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praise worthy—think on these things. Philippians 4:8
Yes there are days when we do battle with our thoughts, with things unseen, even things that will never be a reality in our future.  I don't always win.  The One I serve always does.
I don't always have the demeanor of a Victor and I do know where this doubt, fear, confusion & even questioning originates. It is without a doubt satan, the evil one [no capitalizations here] who is  now roaming 'to and fro' seeking whom he may destroy.  That would be me he's intent upon defeating.
I Corinthians 14:33 'God is not the author of confusion...." reminds me it is such a good thing to memorize scripture. do  battle with when  we are engulfed with turmoil, doubt and questioning. 
Today is one of those  early days of this journey just begun and I admit there are 'defeaters' swirling within my inner self. I am tempted to compare my life to non believers asking why. There are momentary feelings of envy, dissatisfaction, insecurity and recalling thoughtless words I have heard spoken: "Good things happen to good people." People mean well. They don't think about those within hearing who are grieving or suffering.  I am not angry.  The questioning is brief but I have learned over the seven decades past that satan will use anything 'not tied down.'  [anything not  "good, true, pure, right"]  as he attempts to cause me to stumble knowing when I stumble others will trip over me.

This births another thought:  " God I truly want to come through on the other side of this life event closer to You.  Give me a supernatural abilty to love, to forgive and to endure, to be truly content with what I have and where I am."
James 1:4  And let  endurance have its perfect result [work], so that you may be perfect and complete [mature], lacking in nothing.
My 'silver fox' is at a peaceful contented place with what he is facing.  I see no doubt & no questioning in his demeanor.  I want to be 100% there with him on the same page, however; I do feel the burden is different and weighs differently [if not heavier] when it's your loved one  who faces the  challenges with it's uncertainties and sometimes suffering.
Lord Jesus forgive me when I give this to you then go back and pick it up again.   The life You have given us has been so incredible and rich. The popular phrase "Life is Good" doesn't even begin to work nor is it adequate to address or describe the love and joy ...But LIFE IS GOOD. satan cannot take that from us and to quote my 'love'...God is still in control.

Praise the Lord,Anyway!


  1. You are both such a huge inspiration to so many.... including my family. I pray that during moments of uncertainty, that my husband and I are as strong, and as faithful as the two of you have been.... Still praying.


  2. Jonell, I hate to hear that you all are dealing with something difficult. You attitude and outlook in light of God's word is inspiring! My prayers go out to the Lord for you and Ted. PS: this was great: "Lord Jesus forgive me when I give this to you then go back and pick it up again." Hard to keep our hands off isn't it?


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