August 01, 2012

Is August Really Here?

What is  one thing about Summer that I love??

..SUMMERTIME   It's just the way God made us. In the midst of winter's cold we long for Spring.  As we settle into the changes that spring brings I look forward to seasonal changes that come with summer..yes even in the deep south [Alabama] and  as summertime begins to drag on there is nothing like the daydreaming  of Fall that is soon to be but again as we are face to face with Thanksgiving [gatherings, food, football games, Christmastime decorating] we can't resist whispering a  prayer for a little honest to goodness Winter weather. On any one of those surprise snow days it's not a surprise to find me in minimal clothing padding around in the snow covered yard and deck [w my camera]. It's just the way God arranged my DNA.
What is one thing I like about Summer? The Beginning...a long rainy day when the there's been no relief from the stifling heat day after day. What else? A snow cone with that silly straw I call a STROON, going barefoot on freshly cut lawn, swinging in the backyard swing when there's a little breeze and icy cold lemonade..real lemonade-homemade lemonade. Oh yes add cold sweet Watermelon to that and wait did I mention fresh home grown tomatoes and fresh [from the little back yard patch] sweet corn . Just one more thing -I almost forgot the flowers blooming each in turn and the surprises that show up now and then..little flowers you gave up for dead..there it is in full bloom again.  And if I had a great hammock to hang in a perfect spot I would really love  lazy summer moments in that hammock.  But as August is showing up just now I will be true to form...You can be sure I will begin to long for Fall Weather in a few days. That's just the way God arranged my DNA.


  1. What a beautiful post. I am going to try and remember your post and appreciate the moment because I too am already daydreaming about winter and Christmas :)

  2. Ive got the same DNA!!! Ive been dreamimg of Fall for the last couple a Apple Dapple cake out of the freezer last night because I know soon will be able to go back to Blue Ridge and get some more apples!!!
    Its soooo hot!!

  3. It does seem like everyone is looking forward to Fall. Summer is my favorite season...oh how I love it!


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