July 31, 2012

Talk About Imagination & Creativity-Using What You Have~

Clarence Turner
[Photos /all Mobley first cousins-]*
Another blogger's post has prompted me to challenge my recall of our long ago simple  uncomplicated  way of life- dishpans not dishwashers, egg beaters and forks instead of KitchenAid modern wonders, brooms not sweepers and vacuum cleaners, wash pans  that had to be filled for each use then the water thrown out- not sinks where the water drained away out of sight. Aprons were appropriate attire about the house especially with meal preparation. And building imaginary playhouses in the sand under the huge sycamore trees..building materials? We had a ready supply of twigs, pebbles, rocks, leaves, perhaps bottles, jars or tin cans & a lively active IMAGINATION.  By the way- the empty tin cans served other purposes..a major use was for early evening game of TIN CAN HIDE AND GO SEEK.  I can hear it in my head now: "Coming, Ready or not! [" Does that mental picture call to mind "To Kill A Mockingbird"..the movie? ]
Then the sound of Mama's voice calling us to come in and the whining response:  "Ahhh Do we have to.?"
If this sounds vaguely reminiscent of The Waltons...yes many similarities depending on exactly which decade  and precisely what part of the country we harken back to as we test our long term recall.
Indeed it was another world...less complicated, sometimes harsh  but we can assemble a long list of good things which would include people having time for each other. Imagine That!

Calton /Carl w Jonell Center
*postscript: Years later when our boys were middle school into high school..Deanna trailing behind; lots of kids gathered over in another neighborhood  before dark  &  beyond dark thirty for a huge game of what they called KICK THE CAN..pretty much the same as our TIN CAN HIDE AND GO SEEK FROM DECADES EARLIER.
Three first Cousins: Ivis, Audrey, Glenda

*Not many of our Mobley Cousins lived far away from South Georgia and even those who did managed to visit regularly. when my family  moved away we were still there for reunions, holidays and spent some time together during the summer.  Has this turned into a Cousin Post?  Let's just call it a Random Post then ..a random post containing rambling recollections of another time. [Somebody remind me to find more Cousin pics to post here]


  1. Jonell, how I wish I could sit on your porch, sipping tea, listening to you tell the story of your life. You are a fascinating woman...and in your honor, I just bought myself a vintage apron and will proudly wear it around my house as I prepare dinner :)

  2. What a treat that would be Amy! I'm not fascinating..but and my contemporaries have been blessed to live in "prime time" from WWII through prosperity unimagined and now the high tech age!
    I am beginning to understand why people are having these BLOGGER EVENTS..we are meeting so many gifted wonderful ppl as we interact with this 21st CENTURY JOURNALING.:^)

    Loving it~

  3. BTW AMY- dont get carried away w that apron thing- I don't use them now either..have a beauty and it hangs on my Kitchen door~

  4. Oh I have several aprons..A few were my grandmothers. I wear them frequently. I love them, really! I have a way of really messing up my clothes when cooking!

  5. More pictures...yes do post them! I love the old shots. Everyone was always posing with their cars in our old photos too!


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