July 19, 2012

Old Friends Day-Life is Good~

A Whole day set aside to visit with TP's old high school friends, Dean & Peggy. We are lucky ducks to get to stay at their B&B when we go to Jackson. All three are of the Jackson High School class of 1955..and omy do they have 'stories to tell.'

I suppose you want to know the menu for this elite gathering of four? I thought so-just for you:

~Homemade Chicken salad 
{ w thin slices of Chicken on Romaine Lettuce}
~ Creamy-Dreamy Deviled Eggs
~Cold Teeny Tiny English Peas/cold
~Pop's Sweet Pickle Slices
{ circa 2012}
Southern Sweet Tea/ Lemonade
Dessert:  [Buttermilk] Vanilla Ice Cream
 [atop shortbread crumbles-sprinkled w cinnamon and topped with a shortbread cookie.-in a pretty glass of course.]

-Dean and Peggy were high school sweethearts [before my time] and TP and Dean were 'good buddies', played football and a whole lot of other fun things back in the fabulous fifties. Actually I think TP claimed Dean as his friend because it gave him dining privileges at Dean's Mama's table. There were not many cooks like Gladys and the big guys always found their way  to Dean's house to eat. During their senior year their class had about 50 class parties of some sort. 
I feel truly blessed to be accepted into this exclusive club..after all I've only been connected for 53 years now.
What a wonderful day we had. Our travelers tried to 'eat and run' but we had decided we were having none of that..discovered they had working headlights on their car so we just refused to unlock the door and let them go early.

"As they say" all good things must come to an end so the best we could do was load them up with some of TP's homemade fig preserves and sweet pickles and some fresh from our tree figs..then insisted Peggy take a bag of some of the  custom blend of 'natural potpourri' we put together on the spot with dried rose petals, eucalyptus leaves, rosemary and hydrangea. Yes, Life is Good!
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  1. What a lovely visit. I love listening to you describe your life. The lunch sounded delightful. I can picture it all so vividly.

  2. Ooh, I'd love to hear more of those stories. Old friendships are the best. So much great history. Sounds like you all had a great time and some really good food. What a wonderful hostess you are!


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