July 30, 2012

Where Ideas, Inspiration & Clarity Often Find Me~

Posted by PicasaSome Crafters, Decorators, Designers, Stagers have dedicated spaces where their 'magic happens'. I find  my inspiration basically in the outdoors and most often that would be at home. *Welcome to my Creative Spaces~*I hope you can linger for 'a while.' [image: Posted by Picasa]

Please join with me for Home and Garden Thursday  at Delightsome Life -

A Delightsome Life


  1. The porch & the outside...helps me too!! Love your spaces!

  2. :) Pretty spaces - wonderful inspiration!

  3. If my porch and yard looked as inviting as yours, I would be out there lounging and I'd quit with all the projects and thinking I should just do one more thing. It's gorgeous! Magic for sure. Love those rockers!

  4. Thank you for all your ENCOURAGMENT Miss Jonell! Made my day. If you don't come visit me, I will be offended!! A visit in October could possibly catch us harvesting a bit. We do some in September, October, and the main harvest is in November and clean up starts after that. It's very interesting to see it all happening. I hope I can show y'all!

  5. Oh, now I am truly with you! I love sitting outdoors and do find most of my inspiration out there! Love all your lovely places to sit! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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