July 16, 2012

What Do We Do With A Day Like This?

We Praise the Lord, Anyway! What do we do with a day like this ? It's a day that does not bring good news, only confirmation of what we anticipated/feared. It's a day with a lot of questions without answers, potential problems without a lot of solutions. It's a day with lots of confusion & doubts and not enough faith. It's a day with space left for [quoting the late Paul Harvey] "the rest of the story."

As the words confusion and doubt leave my lips I am reminded God's Word tells me God is not the author of confusion, therefore; this is satan  trying to defeat me. I choose for that not to happen.

So what does one do with a day like this? Take a long deep breath -   

Obviously this post is a call for prayer warriors to circle around.  My silver fox is facing this battle and he is the strong one at this point, not me. The bottom line is: We serve a Mighty God-no matter what the day brings. jh


  1. Hi Jonell, I pray that whatever your Silver Fox is up against that the Lord will bring him comfort and Peace. God is good and kind and thankfully he does not give us more bad days than good. Bless you both! Now following you.

  2. I hope I didnt send a wind of turmoil your way! Satan surely likes it & the confusion he sends folks. Lord give her the strength she needs and CLARITY that only You can give. In Your Son's Name!


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