July 24, 2012

Which Do I Love More-Bargains or Vintage?

I always find a place to use naturals even as ordinary as PINE CONES
unfinished, sprayed/glittered,large or small-The Green Christmas Tree
Candles came from Cracker Barrel about 5 yrs ago..Yes, you guessed
it..January 1/2 price sale. They are such perfection I am torn between
lighting them and not. OOPS I almost forgot - If you absolutely love the
"little people" now is the time to start hitting the antique, flea mkts,.etc
to find them. I try to add a few really Vintage if not antique ornaments
or other distinctive decorations every year..

1 comment:

  1. Jonell, these little carolers have such expressions you can't help but love. I should be on the look out for some little people in my travels around town tomorrow. People are always selling Christmas stuff. I usually ignore that. I'll think twice now. I so wish I could just come up and go treasure hunting. Wouldn't we have the best time! [Sigh] if only... I'll think of you while I'm out tomorrow!


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