July 02, 2012

Figs Are Ready in South Alabama

I love them fresh and my hubby makes
Fig Preserves-so you see our experience
is limited-We can learn together.
What to do with your freshly picked figs: Ten Quick Recipes http://localfoods.about.com/od/summer/tp/QuickFigs.htm


  1. pickling figs! never heard of that before! interesting!

  2. Thank you so mch for commenting- Ans: Perhaps it is a SOUTHERN thing?? Have known/eaten Fig Preserves all my life. Like most all jellies and jams etc high sugar content but MAJOR FLAVOR EXPERIENCE. If you don't eat but have access do it anywat..GREAT FOR GIFTS for guests or drop by visitors. Did I mention raw figs are a HUGE HEALTHY FRUIT CHOICE? I wl look for you..visit again?

  3. We had figs in our old neighborhood. I used to make fig jam with them.


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