July 02, 2012

Grand, Old, Tattered Flag

I had to share with you all my 4th of July bunting I made using grosgrain ribbon and vintage print scrapbook paper.  I wanted it to remind my guests of an old flag - tattered by the years....

Happy 4th of July everyone!  I'm so thankful for Patriots that had a dream that saw "beyond the years..."  For men and women "who more than self their country loved..."

How blessed are we, that we can call this great nation home?

Hugs to you and your family.... eat barbeque, pop fireworks, but don't forget the grand, old, tattered flag, and what she represents...



  1. Heather, I L.I.K.E YES, I L.I.K.E

  2. The buttons are soooo cool on that banner!


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