July 17, 2012

Wait, There's More~

Sneak Peek into our WISTERIA PROJECT  - It began about 5 years ago in a new home [2006]with new 'yarden' challenges and TP's installing electrical outlets and faucets strategically throughout the entire outdoor living area. The WISTERIA  was planted about that time [adjacent to faucet & outlet]  awaiting the vision to magically appear-'Tis the season -the time is NOW-stay tuned in-Wait, There's More  will share one teaser photo -  many many more on Opening Day [old folks have a sense of humor]


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Wait, There's More~~


  1. Oh, I've always wanted an arbor bursting with wisteria...but I've never lived where it would thrive...so get busy with your arbor and post some photos, will ya!? :)

  2. Your rascal! How unkind to keep us hanging on! I can't wait to see it. Thanks for coming by to read my story and leave me your insights. You are so right. We do each have our own memories and stories. One of my brothers and I are only a year and a half apart and he never remembers anything I do. It looks from the post below like you are going through a challenging chapter. But you are right. A mighty God we serve, and may he make his face to shine upon you during all you going through, Jonell.

  3. aaaaaahh Liz you make me feel I actually hv a real audience lol.
    Explanatiion: I have fig out even if I wonder of wonders have 10 great blog ideas in one day I cannot publish them all at once-timing can be imp,right? The Saturday centus post just fit right in w the teaser post. LASTLY the hammers are still hamming !! the saws still buzzing,and levels and tape measure still in use..we're using old rusty stock panel wire[heavy] on the top-got that in place today and started weaving the w. vines into wire.one more good weather day will likely do it..then thinking about rounding up faded but not holy denim jeans to make pillows..another idea??? I actually think we need to use rofl at me - email this is a bit longish for "comment reply..tell you what..email me at harrisonhouse@troycable.net -then I will delete this "chapter in the book"

  4. Would love to see the finished project. Nice way to use the theme.

  5. I love wisteria. Hope it comes up like gangbusters!


  6. Thanks Susan and Sue..and bythe way Sue..the Wisteria has a headstart..it was planted there 4-5 years ago just waiting for this day. dontcha luv it!!! Not to worry YOU WILL SEE BUNCHES OF PICTURES..any suggestions for pillows for my seats[one on each side-for lounging, reading, hiding out maybe, dreaming, praying.

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! You have a wonderful blog! Just love the whole idea of your WISTERIA project. So much fun. The prettiest I've ever seen it growing in person is at the Huntington Library in Pasadena.
    Take care,

  8. Oh, I'm sure it's beautiful! Pillow suggestions - grain sacks and denim would be adorable mixed together for an outdoor space. I'm sure whatever you choose will be perfect! Love it, and love YOU! :)

  9. Okay. I am seriously green with envy.

    I'm so glad you have this lovely arbor in your yard!

    May I come and sit under it and watch the blossoms unfurl!?!

    Thank you for linking. This is lovely.

  10. lADIES..all of you reassure me that I actually have an AUDIENCE..[honored/;humbled/thrilled] Just in case I did not make clear..multiple photos of the project -in progress- will be posted..Be prepared to set aside a few minutes to examine the whole thing. Honestly that wisteria has actually been planted 4-5 yrs in that spot waiting for this structure to materialize. Ya'll stop laughing at me..but isn't it FUN!



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