July 20, 2012

Grandparents, Empty Nesters- It May be Time for Changes at Christmastime

Traditions - Life - Change

By the way I finally learned about this thing we call Traditions- not too many years ago either.
Traditions are not really things we decide to make a tradition`
Traditions are what we see as we look back over the years..
seeing those wonderful, fun, silly things we did or tried our best to do 
Over and over again and again.

Christmas Morning Brunch 2011
As the years pass families change with the children growing up & marrying, Grands coming then becoming teenagers, college, work, marriage and moves.

This sometimes requires that we make changes & this is not always easy. This new tradition of Christmas morning brunch "happened upon us" last year-Christmas Day was on Sunday-I knew we would  not  enjoy  a special meal even in the nicest restaurant   in town.  With no real fuss I dressed that table in a flash with all the FANCIES and [to quote my friend Heather  Graham ] Viola~magically there appeared a festive, colorful and frivillous holiday brunch that was so beautiful there was no way TP could experience that without comment. 
Girls remember: Just use what you have
Note: By way of explanation, Our children and their families have not abandoned us. We have another new Christmas tradition we fell into just three years ago that is working  for all of us. Our children and all available of the grands gather in Brundidge at our home on the 23rd of December, the day BEFORE Christmas eve for Christmas festivities..then all who can, stay overnight and  Christmas Eve morning each group leaves as they need too, leaving the house empty except for the two of us by around noon. ..time for last minute various group pictures before they take off. Last year the make do breakfast was Crispy Creme Donuts..easy no big fuss

You all know how these younger family members dilly dally. This arrangement allows every family to be free for whatever schedule or obligations/plans they have that may include travel or their other relatives and I don't have to feel guilty for keeping them away from other things. This arrangement requires that Gramma have an attitude adjustment [ I won't suggest that is easy either]..and it also allows an opportunity for some quiet, thoughtful, relaxing yes, even romantic  choices for the balance of your Christmastime. Be Creative!

*postscript:  Just in case I don't get to share this anywhere else with you..When our youngest was about 6 yrs old [1972] we began to have Christmas Eve Buffets-just our family. That continued as long as the children were home. Remember things begin to change. At some Point [after we had no more Santa Believers] Mom initiated the RULE OF LAW..on Christmas morning no one was allowed to tackle the Christmas tree until Mom said Ready, Set,Go! That meant Mom had time to make homemade hot chocolate and get decently dressed. No more "come as you are" Christmas photos of this Mom.  Somewhere along the way I began to make FRENCH MUFFINS..I will find and post this eeeeeeeeezz, fast and fancy recipe -Soon.


  1. Things do change as children ad grandchildren growolder. It is sad, but something we have to accept-time marches on.I love your blog, but am having a hard time reading the small print you are using now, I may have to get a magnifying glass! LOL!

  2. oops I will fix that-so sorry-thank you for mentioning that


  3. YUM! I can't wait to see the recipe.... I love traditions, and the fact that you've adjusted your schedule for family time. So many families just don't do Christmas, because they are not willing to adjust. My mom's parents always do their Christmas the Saturday night before Christmas. It works out so well.... we always know when it will happen, and usually are free to join! :)

  4. Oh man, I just left you a long comment and then google made me re-sign in and it disappeared. Heartache. Well the short version is that we are tradition-cliingers in my house and with changes to the extended family it's been a challenge. I'm in wholehearted agreement with you about having everything set (and being decently dressed) before gifts are opened and photos begin being taken. I think I started doing that in highschool. I never looked back. Ha! It also helps to be in charge of the camera. That's another solution I like to employ. :)

  5. I think I will label 'comments' as "OOPS"..Me too Liz I apparenty deleted one of your 'one more thought' comments. ANYWAYYYYY Thanks ladies.. these CHANGES ARE NOT EASY..but I think the one who is capable of [the idea] of doing it should. lol I truly could hardly bear not having our Christmas Eve buffet/family party but something had to give. This means we spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day w/o family but better that than feeling you are monopolizing time they need to share with OTHER FAMILY. Heather you'll have it 'all figured out' by the time you get there -the first C. we were alone by choice 2009 was the most different Christmas and a BLISSFUL DAY..I chose to make it thus. [she said 'blissful' ] :^)



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