September 11, 2012

Sit Still a Few Minutes-Inspiration May Find You~

Don't you hate waiting on a slow, slow computer? Me too! That's what I was doing- when a glimmer of inspiration hit me. Here Goes & this is not a rhetorical question. Feed back is necessary. That's what COMMENTS are for.  I am counting on my blogger friends -this is not a huge challenge to time or creativity. I know 3 won't cover your favorite- favorites but we have to start somewhere.

Question: What 3 bloggers would you most love to visit with in person? Why? 
[I will go first]

1.  That would have to be Carolyn's  on Prince Edward Island at Aiken's House & Gardens. Why? - to feed my innermost need for inspiration, for solitude and just soaking up such incredible beauty as she shares her photos and her life with the world of bloggers. It's like a magical five or ten minute retreat to a make believe wonderland..,.better than Disney, Callaway Gardens or 6 flags over Texas.

2. This would be Liz at ..Quirky Vistas blog Oh, to spend a weekend down in Florida with her-going junking, trash truck chasing would be in a weird way like "winning a lottery".  Why?  I can imagine being so energized, challenged and invigorated-I would likely come back home and start looking for a place to go back into business..Antiquers, Collectors, bargain shoppers are all addicts you know-there is no cure.

3. This choice is inevitable: Heather's  at Stringtownhome in Texas.  Why? I am a bit partial to this blogger. She's one of "my girls" from the high school students in my Sunday School Class when we lived in Southeast Texas.  I can't imagine too many things that would be more fun.

*Now ladies it's your turn..One-Two-Three  [with sincere apologies to all the fabulous other bloggers whom I love and follow as faithfully as I can manage-this doesn't mean  I don't love you]




  1. Well, aren't I flattered to be on your sweet list, Jonell! Thank you so much. Yes, yes. You and I would cruise the junky streets on trash day and have a blast unearthing all sorts of crazy treasures. Of course that would just feed our addiction. And you know what an overdose does don't you? Well just take a look at my place and you'll know. No actually, I have shoved a ton of the stuff into the little loft room we have (which is about the size of some people's closets) because I'm trying to make room for some family coming over.

    I would love to come visit with you, enjoy your front porch and listen to stories of life at Gramma's house as we look out over your lovely yard. I'd be happy as a clam hanging out with someone as lovely, lively and talented as you! It would be like old home day even though we've never met!

  2. Sweet little lady, you! You just make my heart smile - and I'm so humbled that someone like you would add me to your "List of Inspiration".... Everyone knows the "Go To Girl" for inspiration is - YOU! I do miss your face, dearly.... so funny that it's been (a few - wink wink) years since we've seen each other, but it feels like yesterday! It's the mark of a true friend/family member - you can pick up right where you left off! Love you to pieces, and hope that you know that I am SO inspired by you... and love and admire you dearly!



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