September 20, 2012

Have You Ever Wondered Where Old Coffee Pots Go?

Silly person they don't go anywhere. They are simply repurposed like this totally perfect specimen white enamel with red trim, now providing a handy keeper for those kitchen utensils that are used every day. No searching-right at my fingertips.

Then of course they could be moved to a new location for display, center stage or in a thoughtfully grouped collection. There came a time when I knew I had too many so the challenge was to downsize.  I made the choice to keep a selection of varied styles and ages.  Mr. T. was kind enough [with a little nagging] to accomodate by building shelving in just the right spot-above a window in our breakfast room.  Just right!


  1. Oh I love those coffee pots!! Love what you've done with them too!!

    I will send you an email when I can put my thoughts down without squalling. He is not with us. Just continue to pray for him.

    My prayer time has not allowed me to forget the things we have talked about before.
    I trust all is well on your end because of it.

  2. Jonell, my coffee pot collection is growing but I have no where to put them. How sweet that you have a place made for you for display. I love the idea of using one of the pots to hold things. I should do that. I have no room in my kitchen drawer for all the utensils and no room on my shelf for all the coffee pots. Now I can at least make use of one of the pots instead of just having it sit there looking cute and that'll clear the drawer out a bit! Thanks!


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