September 24, 2012


Welcome Friends, Blog Followers & Readers~ A big thank you to  Heather Graham  at Stringtownhome Blog for hosting this, her first Harvest Tour of Homes.

 While I personally am a red,white,black & navy girl, when I think of fall I do think COLOR. I generally cannot wear the fall colors but I sure can enjoy splashing them all over my world. It's all about God's Creation, Nature, Seasons changing, Harvest of crops. As we get our first warning that Fall is coming -even in south Alabama we begin to see clues around the end of August and early September...I begin to drop a hint now and then about searching the roadsides, wooded areas and roadside parks for natural beauties left for me. I get excited over strewn branches, mosses, lichen, and of course acorns and  gnarly branches of almost any specimen.

Ordinary pinecones are worth gathering  where ever I find them however; I do prefer uniform shapes and healthy firm cones like those scattered over my cousin's yard in south Georgia.  She was amused and wondered if we did not have pine trees in south Alabama.
You have been waiting long enough. It's time to put out the OPEN HOUSE sign.  Welcome to the Harrison House, South Alabama. 

Come on in-We've been expecting you.

Let's begin with the front porch.  Look to the right side as you
walk up the steps.  It's time to pull out the truly antique tho'
not perfect handmade quilt-showing the lining as to topside.
The colorful fall fabric is simply a large leftover piece of fabric
I save for moments such as this. It cost near to nothing-there
was enough to snip one end and wrap over the out of season
chair cushions..nothing permanent-just temporarily wrapped for
this season's tour. 

It's a good time to bring out the vibrant green Fiesta. It's not the expensive discontinued color-those are too costly for my taste.  The pretty luncheon napkins are a flea market find-Naturally!
 I hope you can see that "Oh I love it Lantern" toward the back-yep, you guessed it HALF PRICE at an area 'farm & tractor store." It's lined inside the glass panels with a very small chicken wire.

The BURLAP table cloth is from one of my
Burlap Bag Bargains in Plains,Ga. with a
little square of 'so old it's ragged" antique
quilt, Fresh Rosemary from my bed and the
fiesta plate is topped with old cafe dishes
of the early 1900's

More photos below - Scroll Down
Please visit the host for this  
Heather Graham


  1. Anonymous9/24/2012

    Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the touches of orange here and there. Thanks for sharing!

  2. With a sweet set up like that, I can't believe you don't have strangers coming in off the street just to set a spell.

    By the way, you must tell me where the missing apostrophe s is. Did you mean on my post? If so, I'd love to fix it. Thanks for coming by and feeling my pain about the fridge. Good news is the chili has all been eaten and I had lunch and dinner all prepared. Nice!

  3. Love your use what you have decorating. And that great coffee pot below!!!
    Homa Style is have a No Orange Autumn Display link party starting tomorrow...Wednesday and would love you to link up.
    There's the link.
    Hope to see you there!

  4. I'm loving the color combinations...and, sorry to hear that you have had such technical difficulties. Hope you have a wonderful week! And, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog posts (both of them) :)



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