September 24, 2012

Tour of Homes-

This back door welcome began with a very old
almost falling apart wooden ice cream churn-
added some gourds,pine cones.lotus pods &
freshly cut vines-And that says Fall...or
Welcome-whatever you want it to say!


Behind the freshly cut mucadine vines is what
"Looks like" driftwood" was dragged from
and came with us when we moved. Sometimes
it graces a large table forming the base for
a centerpiece with things like gourds, pumpkins
The round wrought iron pc is a Grits Mill.
It also came with us from the S.E. Texas farm.

This table also made the move from Texas with us 2006-My sweetheart built it from boards that
came from the farmhouse kitchen floor original 1906 construction. She said: "No, whatever you
do DO NOT trash those boards." So he turned them into this primitive treasure and also a small
kitchen table we now have on a porch. The hardware holding the kitchen towel from an antique GENTLEMAN'S CHIFFEROBE [free standing multi use closet for the man of the house]


  1. I know I told you this morning, but I think this is my favorite piece you have! I LOVE things that have stories behind them.... I can imagine someone churning away making a yummy treat! LOVE this! & LOVE you! Thank you so much for joining in, and I'm so sorry you had blogger troubles... :(


  2. Oh my, all these goodies just by your backdoor. I swoon! Your hubby built that cool table? Goodness, it's all so inviting and intriguing!

  3. I love that grits have so many nice things with stories! The best kind.


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