April 25, 2013

Looking Forward~ http://mygrammashouse.blogspot.com/2013/08/looking-forward.html

'Justa  note' for those  who read/follow regularly:  You may be seeing  Random posts and even a few Re-Run posts in the coming weeks.  Then again You may not-I guess that's basically what Random means, do you think?

Let me explain:  As I speak my Silver Fox and I are guests, out of town...away from home during the week M-F while he is receiving additional treatments. Did you miss this? Okay here goes: A year ago My sweetheart of a lifetime [ 1958 ] was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer. Beginning August 2012 he had Chemo infusions every 21 days until December 2012. He handled the chemo extraordinarily well [the Oncologist's statement] and we had  wonderful weeks of "Life is Good"  -actually so good it was really hard to register the reality that he had Cancer.  

Now here we go again. It was a question of when not if , according to the medical Oncologist. That's why we are living M-F  in the homes of our oldest and youngest sons & their families. Yes, Children are a Blessing..for us especially true. We have two other adult  children who would open their homes also were they not 3 hours away... We are so thankful for all of them..the four children and their spouses.

*Next-Looking Forward: Watch for a few re- run posts you might have missed and also come along for blog party link ups if you  will.

I plan to put together a SUMMER PORCH PARTY in June. I would absolutely  luv, luv for you to gather your own PORCH scenes current or from your stash of photos from last year..either way it would be great to have you join up. more later..
Ooops ..forgot to mention the SUMMER PORCH PARTY can be a front porch, back porch, side screened in porch, a deck, a patio or a little Porch Wannabee..Whatever you have is perrrfect.

Lastly: Prayer Warriors please join us-I will post updates
Later: Summer Porch Party in JUNE



  1. I will be praying for you and your beloved, Jonell. Our family has been through a similar experience. Prayer support got us through. Be blessed today!

    Gracious Hospitality

  2. I'm just reading your blog for the first time...and am sorry to hear what you are going through. I will be supporting you in prayer.

    Thanks for stopping by 'my front porch' and leaving a comment. I would love to join in your porch party next month.


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