April 18, 2013

http://stringtownhome.com ~ "You Are God Alone"

~My Personal Recommendation:  Please visit my friend and blogger Heather over at Stringtown Home and allow her Timely and straight from the heart remarks to bless you.  Or encourage ...or excite you-whatever it is that YOU need today, this week to help you feel better about this world we live in, this country we have become. 

Like me and so many other bloggers who cross our paths, Heather chooses to allow her blog content to be honest, light hearted and joyful....not filling every post with preachy messages . 

 We want Christ to naturally show through us in our writing.  Then we run smack into days like this week and are truly convicted...feel compelled to STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, allowing what our Lord puts on our hearts to spill out passionately, boldly but with a loving motivation and spirit. Please accept it as that.

Now, Run over to Heather's   at  http://stringtownhome.net  and sit for a bit and soak up a little something good straight from her heart.

Looking Forward,

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  1. Thank you for visiting me! I am so happy to have found your blog, it is lovely! I am now following you and have added your blog to my favorites where I won't miss any of your posts. Hugs, Penny


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