July 08, 2015

Pinterest Inspired Bedroom Makeover ~

   - Part One-  

Learning - Changes - Keepers - Discoveries
Shades - of - White

 Warning: This is my longest post ever-

Solution: Read in parts, like chapters.  Take a break and come back to it.

Yes, that sounds like a good idea.



Let's Call It Makeover #1

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Serene - Fresh - Calm - Serene

The entire focus on my bedroom makeover has been cool, calm, serenity-distinctively feminine  but  allowing for the appropriate dash of masculine touches  we love to label décor- remembering but without overpowering.

The Announcement
February 2015
I wanted - https://www.pinterest.com- an all white room...my version:  s h a d e s of w h i t e.  My bedroom was the only possibility  because I   had  two  pieces of antique white furniture plus the little wicker bedside table already. My linens were all white and soon the antique bed would be some shade of white.

We will be sharing with these ladies-Won't you join us?
  •  That's where I started. I should have known better. We often say "follow your heart.'  That's true with this decorating and staging thing too. 
[That's assuming your decorator's heart can be trusted]
 These were also called wardrobes
Working our way from the far side of the room...not a really large space...it begins to look quite busy. That tells us we need to tread lightly...using less visual volume. 
When we started putting the room back together I had no idea
where we were going with it...then when we moved the small
[dark wood] chifferobe out and Grandma's white one in it all
began to come together & while we had talked about the option
of turning the chifferobe to a "kattycorner" position..This stuck!


I wish you could see the piece of what I believe qualifies as
Antique luggage-I am calling it a Train Case- perhaps
A Hat Box
It's round and quite large and very much
T  I  M  E  W  O  R  N

Not the star of the show but great supporting cast

This manicure set is quite old..
as I was told- a gift from Ted's Dad
to his first wife and the materials
 [before the age of plastic]
can be very fragile with the passing of time..



Maine Heritage Weaver
Like new after nine years-

  • Are you looking for a bedspread that's like the old chenille  but heavier, better quality?
  • Do you want a classic spread that will stand the test of time?
  • Are you thinking 'They don't make them like they use to? " Well They do -only better.  I wholeheartedly recommend to you:  www.maineheritageweavers.com

No I do not COLLECT purses
The oldest here is an evening bag from 1958- 1959
Below it is the black patent clutch I used with my
Wedding Day travel outfit
(we called it -going away outfit)
Below that is from 1970s (2)
The strange piece of paper (paper towel) attached to the mirror is a "Love note" left by one of the older grandsons.  I found it after they were gone. The same precious Grand left a little similar 'love note' for me in the small -er bathroom attached to the mirror of Pop's (antique reproduction) medicine cabinet.

A work in progress...
When the vintage glass knobs arrive this will disappear


Does anyone remember a brand of soap "Lux"
This lady in silhouette reminds me of that soap label

Above the low boy dresser mirror

Small décor for small spaces
Beside the bedroom door going back into the den-
Keeping it simple with a barely painted little metal
thingy and once fresh eucalyptus
 We are not there yet....


Another Option
Above and below
(yet to be decided- I usually have to live with something
 for at least a few days before I can decide if it is a comfortable fit for me.)


The view across the room from the Chifferobe wall
Did I mention that perfect skinny dresser lamp
(buffet lamp)

~ a Genuine Dollar Store purchase [$5.] 15 years ago

The new Vintage glass knobs I have found on  Ebay will make it just right

The sweetest vintage crochet gloves..
I normally use them attached inside
 a suit pocket with the ruffled edges hanging outside..
will continue to use them.

 Notice jewelry spilling from the vintage brown suede &
Twist Beads   & the green /white bracelet circa 1970s


 I wish you could see the purse more clearly
It is very old, obvious by the condition of the leather
It is an envelope/clutch and the strap you see holding
onto the crochet gloves are meant for exactly that
holding onto your gloves.
More than likely I will find a time or occasion when I use this
ANYWAY..no matter the condition

This is still  Ted's Chest
Remember, knobs still to be found for it
The old Banjo atop the chest belonged to my husband's Mother
Daisy Bagley Harrison

Ted had it professionally restored a few years ago
Thankfully we have at least two younger family members
who likely will appreciate owning and playing Nanny's Banjo

 Now don't even ask for information on the painting above-
It was interesting and the price was right

That's the whole story!

The brown jug pottery base lamp came from my Friend
Shirley Power - Jasper, Texas

  • We had starting points  then the eye worked it's magic...Change happened.  
  • Some things had to go & others begged to be added because [for various reasons] they are "keepers".. RIGHT!  Did I mention that some of the keepers that threatened to get us off track ended up in never before thought of spaces. For instance I had never thought of trying to fill blank space between the clothes hamper and the bottom of the rectangular [white] antique mirror. It WORKS!

Decorating freebie:   In this house I do not use this old clothes hamper.
I keep it simply b/c no one has asked for it and it fills this otherwise
awkward space so perfectly. I paid $18. for it at least 20 years ago in
southeast Texas.
And that sweet sun hat courtesy of my neighbor Dee
doesn't work for me
But hanging on that mirror shows off & reminds me
of a precious neighbor for nine years
 across the street

The barnwood frame shows off a picture my
Mobley cousins treasure of our Grandpa
 Marion Albert Mobley
Thanks to our  Aunt Josephine
 we have those memories in so many
 Mobley family pictures.

 Some things cannot be changed. We can't make the room larger. It's a cosmetic makeover not a remodel. As my daughter and I put the room back together we began to fill in the blanks & things we began with changed. Some of the best laid plans?

In a not so large bedroom this original coal burning fireplace is of not practical use so it's simply decorative..nothing more. So we'll leave well enough alone.

Not useful space - but a Pretty setting ~

 Such a sweet reminder of "My Girls" in Newton, Texas The Heathers, Holly & Friends  sent to me when my husband died. These were girls I taught  in Sunday School throughout their high school years and will always hold a special place in my heart-yes, truly!
 Above - The bundle of wonderfully 'ratty' books from early mid century were Nanny's [Ted's Mother- Daisy Bagley Harrison]...she loved reading & often accumulated books by subscribing to book clubs.

The vase above sets atop two of my
Mama's personal Diaries

  • A few happy surprises:  I remembered a very old not entirely plain mirror stashed in a closet -You guessed it.  That heavy old mirror is about to get some color of white paint slapped generously onto it and hung over the fire place.  Yes, it's about to become a star in my bedroom makeover.


This mirror was the most FUN part of this project because it was such a SURPRISE.  I knew I had that forgotten mirror stored in a closet and I knew I might make use of it but even when I mentioned the mirror to my assistant [helpful talented daughter] I had no idea what the end result would be. Take note this Gramma loves FABULOUS but equally as much I love E A S Y. This was a 30 minute job. Now you can all A P P L A U D. [I haphazardly painted at night on the deck with the humidity waaaay up there...so it dried almost as fast a I put the paint on]

Yes we can make that ceiling light go away...and we can make some space between the mantle and bottom of the mirror.....
watch for the magic.

 I know, I know, It's not right YET

A family member long and tall and young and strong enough to

H A N G   THE  H E A V Y

Not all the girls trying out get picked to be Cheerleaders

(that simply means not all our wonderful ideas worked as we had originally planned)

Without real thought I grabbed a small square mirror off my bathroom wall with the intent of hanging it in the small space next to my bedside table and the closet door..immediately attached it to the perfect place and oops...NOT- GOING- TO- WORK.

The unpretentious barely peach color silk rose I chose
 to wear on my navy blue suit-
 Deanna's wedding Day 1989


I chose my DOWNTON ABBEY cup (a gift from Carol) to add a small touch of  distinction
and maybe impress you with my good taste [oh well]

The Mirror becomes a tray atop my bedside table 
 Just go with that creative whisper-

Consequences:  Grabbing treasures from OTHER parts of the house creates something interesting.  I wonder if you ever run into this.  Now I have holes in areas that have to be fixed after snatching things away for my project. 

While I liked this basket's home in another room
 I feel comfortable with the new spot

 Challenges are opportunities for WINS~

Ooops somebody get that bedspread lined up straight?

 Notice right beside My Grandma Mobley's Chifferobe with the only object being a small pottery wall pocket holding dried roses.  No accident- It was deliberate.

We could have tastefully used more of that wall but why mess with perfection she says!  Right there we began to turn down the decorating volume.


By the way I will continue to critically examine the various dried flower additions for tweeking that might be needed.

I do love dried flowers..another kind of beauty as I describe them. I tell myself the mix of different flowers makes it okay...however, I don't want to be delusional as I try to be true to my personal style.

Just a closet door
I'm hoping the wreath in place
might serve as a reminder to keep it closed?
 Other Options



  1. Jonell, Oh my goodness!! Where in the world do I start to tell you how much I love your room?!! I had to Pin at least 4 different images and know I still missed some of my favorite things in this room! It is SO beautiful! If you were looking for inviting and serenity, you surely accomplished it, brilliantly! I love all the details! The purses, the crocheted gloves the "Hat box", the dried flowers, I'm kinda jealous of the wonderful "shelf" above your curtains and the space for all your little pretties! I don't know where that white basket was before in your home, but it looks like it was made for that exact spot!! Your room was definitely worth the wait! Love, love, it all!
    Many Blessings,
    ps. The banjo! Be still my heart. :)

    1. Theresa I have my "reply" option back...it just disappears at times! what a great enthusiastic response to my makeover- actually and truly this is almost 2 months later and I am still feeling a bit that way- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was a long time from a little dream, a want to ...until the actual 'get it done' and was even more fun b/c of the unknowns, the surprises like the antique mirror over the mantle. So many "decorating 101" points in this project-acknowledge that some things cannot be changed- Some items are keepers and deal with it-just go with the surprises and YOU MAY BE SURPRISED- pleasantly so. Having my daughter help put it all together made it more fun...then the response of someone like YOU!! Thanks a million-

  2. Jonell, you call it cosmetic makeover; I call it fabulous! :) So many pretties to see. Love the manicure set, hat box, and the mirror painted white. The bed is wonderful and you have some wonderful pieces in that room! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Surely I said "Thank You" somewhere since this post-I thought so. It really means a lot to me Jann to have you pause in your day and take note of what I have shared. Truly~

  3. Very pretty all that white. I love that look but also love my mismatched colours so...I am working more toward white but with two young boys in my life things don't stay white for very long. Your white home looks beautiful though and I am a bit envious and a bit inspired.

    1. Totally understood-I had 4 children-3 boys 18 & 13 months apart then a daughter 4 years later. Looking back I see that time as ALL ABOUT SEASONS of LIFE. We cannot have it all in the same year...[but we can in a lifetime] ] I once dreamed being comfortable with drop in visitors and a really girly bedroom etc...This past 20 years has been the season for all those things..so blessed to have all these SEASONS..you will too.They will all be grownup before you know it.

  4. Oh my word!!!!!! Now, THAT is an amazing transformation! LOVE it all! I think my favorite things are the ones that have stories... so sweet. That bedspread.... I'm ordering one, now. I've searched through the antique linens every time I go to Canton, but never can find a white that isn't stained. That is gorgeous... the chifferobe... the bed... the vignettes you've staged... it is all gorgeous! You've got such a talent!!!

    1. Heather my friend I cannot tell you how I feel viewing and living in that 'new to me' space. Wondering if anyone realizes the size of the space I am working with...so I went and measured: 16ft 11in x 13 ft with a smalllllllllll ] about 5 1/2 ft x 8 ft bathroom carved out of it [early 1940s right beside the chest w the banjo/behind the hamper w the old picture and mirror above it.

  5. When one surrounds oneself with things one loves everything falls into place. How wonderful to have a room full of special memories. It must make you feel surrounded by love.Visiting from SYC

    1. Susan I always am honored when someone visits and leaves a note..We often say we do not blog for an audience as our motivation [ I do] but then to have you notice and comment really does make my day lady! a big THANK YOU!

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  7. Agnes Mary I thank you for stopping by to read and leave a note at like Gramma's House.. That's one of the reasons we do this..to gather a few readers who stop and take note of what we do.....writing about what's important in our lives [to us]. Thank you!

  8. Just in case a few first time readers.stop by-
    In all these months there is only one significant change I've made-the scene in front of the unused fireplace & I have not kept the Pink wing back chair in front of the chifferobe- It was usable jut not practical for my relatively small bedroom.


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