July 21, 2015

Everything Has A Story #10

There was a time when families gathered in the same room around the same table for meals. This was our custom during these years still...1975 - 1982 with three teenagers and the youngest not far behind.

I never protected the beautiful finish with a pad and we used the table daily...the entire family of six ate at the table for regular meals..Breakfast, lunch and Dinner and homework was done around this table. Imagine the conversations, disagreements, problems created, discussed, and settled here.

$100. in a shop in Owensboro, Kentucky. 1975 -It was barnwood grey  square four chair table. The movers picked  it  up  for us on the way out of town as we were moving to Crossett, Arkansas

When it was delivered to the house on Walnut Street, Deanna examined it closely and exclaimed:  "It's so beautiful I could kiss it."  And she did.

By the way did I mention that the cost for extending the length of the table and the refinish was about four times the original investment

I do hope someone in our family genuinely wants to claim this furniture for themselves one day.



  1. Love your table. Our family has always sat at the table and eat together. This was NOT an option when I was growing up and it was never an option for our children. WE STILL eat around the table. I cook dinner for my family every Sunday and after church we sit around the dining room table and eat together, pray together, laugh together and we've cried together! Love this post. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. That is beautiful! I KNOW someone in your family will want that! Priceless memories of dinners there, I am sure. I bartered for my table... it is an old, long table with cane back chairs. Gary looked under it and didn't see any maker's marks, but he said that the construction looks 30's/40's, which falls in line with the story I was told when I got it. I bartered for it (babysat for some friends for a week - so easy! - and the table was my pay!). The couple that we got it from already had another set. This table was his great grandmother's old table. She had bought it new as a newly wed. Can you believe that he asked around in his family before getting rid of it, and no one wanted it? I love our meals around the table, and the sweet conversations we have.... It has become one of my most prized possessions.

  3. That's a nice table and can't imagine why someone wouldn't want it. You have so many wonderful memories which makes the set all the more special. Yesteryear was just a better time than it is now. So glad you like my Floral Gallery Wall.

  4. Such a beautiful table. Lots of great memories I'm sure.


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