July 29, 2015

Everything Has a Story #11

Another Story -


Once Upon A Time


 Once upon a time...about the summer of 1993 I had a small 'collection' of old Calendars all in great condition. I call it a collection because it was more than 3 and actually all together was a basket full of old calendars.  While they didn't qualify as antique by any means they could be tagged with very, very genuine VINTAGE.

 I no doubt found them all in the same place but I do not recall  exactly but based on the date I will venture to say they came from southeast Texas during 1985-1993.

 An interesting aside about these is that they were calendars belonging to someone who worked as a beautician or did this kind of work maybe in her home.  Now it's easy to figure out this because the owner/user of the calendars made notes each day [in pencil] regarding the weather, temperature, etc. and HAIR APPOINTMENTS...noting that Maude was scheduled for a perm on Wednesday at 1p.m...

Each calendar was filled with this information....weather and beauty shop appointments. Some of these were especially interesting to me because the calendar year coincided with the birth year of one of my children or other loved ones.

Remember, there was a COLLECTION-

a BASKET FULL of the calendars.

When we were in transition moving into the farmhouse at one point during much chaos I asked my husband to 'take note' of that basket of old calendars and to BE SURE those are NOT DISCARDED.

I AM NOT SAYING that he was not listening to me. ..only that he didn't hear what I meant for him to hear.  The basket full of VINTAGE CALENDARS disappeared. 

One of Two Survivors

A 1965 St Joseph Light & Power Company Calendar


I have two that had escaped the basket extinction.
My paper treasure  survived and hangs in the den primarily for one reason

It's My Mama's birth year 1912

August 2, 1912

1912 Inter-state Dale's [Shell] Service
South Bend, Indiana

So There Is Your Story

p.s. I have had a few visitors ask cautiously why I have a 1912 calendar displayed



  1. So sad to lose a whole box of vintage anything!!! I think you have the most important one hanging though!

  2. How very charming, those pieces of someone else's years and days, all noted down. I can just see and smell that little home "beauty shop" from here---all the good shampoo, and the hair dryers going, and the acrid echoes of yesterday's permanent in the air. And the TALK!! Some of the best friends in the South have been made because their two "Standing Appointments" were at the same time every week.

    I used to have a wonderful place to order special outdoors products from, and I gave Daddy a calendar every year that said 1920--his birth year. People were always inquiring about that one.



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