July 07, 2015

Everything Has A Story -#8

Does Anyone  Remember What This is?

Well, yes that is it's purpose at the moment in my house.

While it serves the purpose of an unusual DOOR STOP
in my house it was not intended or used for that purpose
during pre WWII

It once held KEROSENE the fuel used for a KEROSENE STOVE
The stoves I remember from the 1940s had this container [of kerosene] at the end of the stove and turned upside down. The needle like extension from the top moves in and out like a spring and controls the release of the fuel.
The cost of this  treasure?
Nothing when found along Quicksand Creek in southeast Texas on our farm during our Texas years. But it really is necessary to have a husband who recognizes a find and knows he should bring it home.
His wife would not have been thrilled to just hear about it -
Not a good story at all.



  1. Awe...I remember as a kid we had different kinds of door stops. From big ole jugs to bricks and blocks! I made one once that looked like a couch in my early years of marriage and gave it to my motherinlove. So funny...38 years later and it still sits in her living room. Thanks for sharing! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. This is a fun piece! I love that you've got it out for everyone to see - neat conversation piece! :)


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