August 03, 2015

Good Morning Lord- It's Me!

Thoughtful Thoughts for Monday Morning

I am A W A K E
Thank YOU God

My feet touch the's soft & clean 
Priority:  Clean Teeth- Thank You I have MY OWN
For HAIR to brush-
Some people don't have much left and adjusting to a NEW look
Or praying it will hurry & grow back-

Routine:  One Rx-What a blessing I don't have a handful of medicines to take

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Creature of habit- Yes I am
Lights on where needed
Shades up - Blinds open-
Wonderful Daylight-Sunlight! Sunlight!

Radio-Wonderful Christian station that fills my kitchen
from 'wake up'  until  7or 8 p.m.
No one has to remind me to reach for the electric percolator
Heaven forbid I should be out of half and half creamer-

 No Mr. Coffee Instant brew happening here-

 Same Coffee Mug  E V E R Y   D A Y

( Yellow/chunky)

What I like best is having set my dishwasher late into the night to run 6 hours later-
That way I can wake up to crazy shiny hot clean dishes and
 grab my mug straight from the dishwasher..
My Bible is right there on the table in the breakfast room,
The front porch is in the exact same spot as it has been since
So why do I need encouragement to find my spot
 and meet with Him-

Every morning -for 6 years-
 (except Sunday morning)
"Lord God, thank you for life, breath and Salvation"
Why do I need Holy Spirit nudging
to settle in out there early mornings?

It's still not easy
It's still not easy
Jonell who promised you e a s y?

But He did promise

Never Alone



  1. Love this post today! I have a dishtowel that says "Give me Jesus and Coffee". Nothing like having coffee with the Lord. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Living that truth! He didn't say it would be comfortable, or easy, just that HE would be with us. Bless you for echoing my daily reminder.
    Hugs to you, dear lady!
    Grateful for you.


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