August 31, 2015

It's The Little Things- by Heather Graham

Monday Morning Coffee with Heather

I know you can't wait to mark things off your week's to do list but let's just put on the brakes, pick up your fav coffee mug or pretty cup & hang on to your reserved seat while my Blogger friend Heather at   gets her refill and Gramma at settles in for her 1 1/2 cups of medium brew with cream of course and we'll see 'What's She Thinking'..[Heather]

-Without a doubt, it's the little things in life that keep me going. My coffee is one of those "little things". Every morning I MUST have my coffee. People claim it's the caffeine. Perhaps-I think it's because my mama & daddy drank coffee EVERY morning without fail, so it makes me feel at home. When Gary and I got married, we purchased a regular old coffee pot. It was ginormous, so messy, and it never failed - we would pour out half a pot every day. I never calculated exactly how much money we were wasting. I'm sure I would have had a heart attack. Money is hard to come by for newlyweds! When we discovered the Keurig coffee machine (Gary was introduced to it in a doctor's office waiting room, haha), we HAD to have one. We've never looked back. I love everything about our Keurig, from the way it sets perfectly on our countertop, takes up next to NO space and the fact that it is a ready to dispense coffee machine that wastes no product. It's without a doubt a MUST HAVE!


Easy set-up, Easy cleanup, NO mess, EASY to find and Makes the TASTIEST coffee! Don't just take my word for it, visit their facebook page, here. Think about making the change to a Keurig! Life is so sweet when I get my coffee in the morning - just ask my husband!

Gramma's Turn - My Coffee Story: As a child I drank coffee on Sunday Mornings-don't ask me why-don't know. My coffee was always enhanced with both sugar and cream; cream from a can called "Pet Milk or Carnation."


As a young wife and mother I went through phases. First it was 'sugar only coffee, then a calorie conscious Black Coffee for many years. When I was a Black Coffee person the accidental sip with sugar was a nauseating experience to put it politely.


In 1959 an electric percolator was expected to be on your display of shower and wedding gifts. That was first rate! Then over the years MR COFFEE became the small appliance of choice... that's all anyone used. Okay you guessed it..we're entering another PHASE of life. I began to notice the wonderful SMELL OF BREWING COFFEE never lived up to expectations. After mulling that over for a few years I came to the conclusion the dissappointing finished beverage might have something to do with the fact that the water went through the coffee grounds & the Mr. Coffee making process almost INSTANTLY...mmm could it be the full coffee flavor didn't have time to come through in the rapid "brewing process."

You guessed it-We changed coffeemakers. I began brewing coffee in a percolator on top of the stove. I found two sizes of the not quite vintage CORNING WARE coffee pots. Surprise, surprise it really didn't take forever to brew. It wasn't ready in an INSTANT to serve up but twenty minutes would deliver you a pot of fresh, HOT, full bodied coffee.


About the same time I made another observation...the greasy film left in my mouth after using the convenient little foil packet of POWDERED CREAMER...You guessed it- the switch to real creamer-half & half.
That ruined me forever..this persnickety old gramma now cannot stop even at a convenience store that does not offer real cream. And you don't want to snap a photo of me when a server tells me they have "these little packages of creamer" but no real 1/2 & 1/2 ..


Yes, like Heather I really need my coffee in the morning..but not when I have been ill, not feeling real well..have to go for the hot tea then..Strange- Go ahead, call it persnickety; I'll own it.



  1. Hi Heather and Jonell :)

    I loved this post. I personally use an electric percolator from the late 1930s and no would could ever take it from me, but my mother uses a Keurig. Isn't that funny? I drink coffee because it makes me feel like it's going to be a great morning. I guess it's because of the old coffee ads from the 70s lol


  2. ahaaaaaaaaaaa I knew we had serious things in common. I too have/USE an oldie that I treasure-a toaster that has the "rag" condition.I think circa 1930's. I am forever ruined with the coffee thing now that I discovered it's BETTER when I grind my own coffee beans- ohmy ignorance can be bliss!


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