August 05, 2015

FALL DECORATING Does Not Have to Break the Budget~



Tips- Hints- Ideas- Reminders

To Be Kind to Your Budget

"Use Whatcha Got Ladies"

And Still Indulge Your Passion for Seasonal & Theme Decorating

This Bridal Wreath is DONE
It must be cut down and dug up
Replaced with another
Bridal Wreath
Fall is the absolute BEST SEASON for fabulous decorating
and without Devouring  the BUDGET


Why stress out over something so easy to handle
  1. First, retrieve on hand supplies in storage:  BASKETS, CRATES, CHURNS,buckets
  2. Locate your stash of good dried materials you used last year
  3. Inventory your own yard and garden for things that are great when dried- grasses, branches
  4. Do you have basic spray paint colors left from earlier projects...a little paint = easy spruce up
  5. Don't forget Fall Accessories like:  Rakes, Hoes, Shovels and hand garden tools

Think N-A-T-U-R-A-L-S
*What qualifies as NATURALS?
  • Pine Cones [ & other varieties]
  • Gourds
  • Bare Gnarly Branches  like Sweet Gum
  • Grasses
  • Acorns
  • Ornamental Squashes
  • Pumpkins...fresh from the market they have quite a long life... you can EVEN PAINT THEM
  • Pecans...and Walnuts, Hazlenuts, Choose your NUTS
  • Stones, Pebbles,
  • Fresh Vegetables...Onions, Potatoes, - Mangos, Pomgranates , Egg Plants, Avocados etc.,
  • Garlic Blooms, Driftwood, Leaves/magnolia, Laurel, Bay leaves, vines

Do you have a hanging wire basket, an unusual bowl that shows off
fresh fruit? Pile them high with a variety of your produce when you
do your grocery shopping-mix it up

Question:  Is it worth the effort doing all this decorating for such a short 'season'?

AnswerMake it a longer Fall decorating season by getting started in early to mid September-the naturals last practically forever.


Question:   "How in the world do I decorate with fresh fruit and vegetables?" 


Answer: Fill your unique wooden bowls, baskets or clear glass containers with them.  Baskets, Bowls, all kinds of containers are just perfect - take a sweet little hammered aluminum basket and pile high with your yellow onions. 
You don't have to plan a shopping day to hit the malls
and the big (wonderful as they are) Craft Stores

Please don't feel guilty about not using all fresh flowers-
dried materials are [Are you weary of hearing this? sorry}
Just another kind of beauty girls!

And many of these materials not only do NOT have to be discarded but are simply used  up
(fruits, nuts, Onions, vegetables]

Other Supplies

Old Feed sacks

Freshly Cut Garlic Blooms
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  1. Great post on decorating tips Jonell. Thanks so much. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Love it when I see you have stopped by and left a note for me Cindy-makes my day -R E A L LY

  2. I love the whole Moses idea...
    What do you have in your hand?

    1. Thank you for leaving a note for me Laura but I need Clarification ? I am missing something here. Sorry(

  3. Now I knew why I'd seen your name before! You're Heather's mom, aren't you? I just read your post about marriage the other day. It was fantastic! I didn't know you had your own blog, but I'm glad you do :)

    Great ideas for Fall. I'm so looking forward to it.

    Thank you again for your sweet comment.


  4. Love all these ideas, Jonell, for my favorite Season, too!!

  5. Jonell, I love Fall decorating just for these reasons. There are so many natural things that we can pull from our gardens. Love the tips you gave and I can't wait to sign up! I love decorating in Sept. for Fall. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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