May 07, 2013

All I Want for Mother's Day -

Is this tacky or what?  My Mother's Day Wish List: 

Comfort - Convenience - Space - Solitude 
That's company, no gifts..honest to goodness
For this day, this year we are not even hungry for the company of our children and grands.
I have no real NEEDS.  Any [human] 'wants' I have can wait. 

But don't scold me yet! By the time Father's Day  comes around  in June we are likely
going to be longing for another of those big, sometimes crowded, always noisy family gatherings-
the big smiles of loved ones coming through that  front door-the greetings, the laughter, 
the hugs & kisses. 
[ With only one Grand at that 'almost a teenager' stage we almost have to
chase him down to get the  hugs and kisses. I think he secretly loves it!]

And yes we will be hungry for all the chatter & talking over one another.  With all the verbal catching  up,
still I will  think back  upon the day later and wish I had more one on one conversation with each
of our children and their spouses especially.  

Years from now  the Grands will think back and have the same thoughts..
Wishing they had  more one on one time with Grandparents too..just as I did.
No one told me life was going to be so fleeting..
Surely I would have hugged more closely and held on longer to my grandparents..
Asked them  more questions ..
Then listened more intently to their voices and the things they shared..
When asked!

The breakfast in bed idea is always a fanciful vision-This works better for me. 
Set up a tray like this. & display in a safe location -
Go to the kitchen, start the Coffee-
Go to the bathroom - Brush your teeth .
There's no way I am going to sip on a cup of great coffee or tea in bed
without first brushing my teeth.


  1. That sounds lovely.... I was talking with a couple of neighbors the other day, and one was bragging about her upcoming cruise. The other said she just couldn't leave the house because of recent knee surgery. I said, I just don't want to leave the house! haha! There's something about being home... when its quiet. Like you refer to it - Home all around me. Happy Mother's Day! (Early). Hope you're going to do the questionnaire link up that I am posting tomorrow. Easy peasy - just copy & paste the questions, answer them in a post, then link up that post at the party. It's going to be fun to see what everyone says. Love you!

  2. Hi Jonell,

    I do hope your Mother's Day wish comes true. It is always nice to take some time out for yourself. I like to call it a "me" day. Thank you for stopping to visit my blog. I hope to see you again soon.

  3. I'm like you. It's nice to just have a day to yourself. Although, I wouldn't mind a little service with a smile, like someone to bring me whatever I want when I want it. Gifts and flowers are completely unnecessary. I like words, cards and people to do things for me. I did get a lunch out, a dinner made for me and my other daughter sent me a package with something I'd been wanting along with a sweet note and some things from Hobby Lobby. Getting a package in the mail is fun, I have to admit. Hope your day was everything you wanted it to be.

  4. Jonell, I too enjoy some alone time every now and then. My oldest grandson will be graduating from high school next week. Can't believe I have one that old! Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day. Don't think I've ever had breakfast in bed. Don't need pampering, just little acts of kindness makes my day!


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