October 08, 2012

Some Days Life is A Walk in the Park ~

There are days when I just need the outdoors, the fresh air in one of my favorite spots in our Home and Yarden.  That could be reserved seating, front porch or front row view from the covered deck with Butterfly bushes hugging the deck rail.
It might also be the view from my Wisteria Arbor with seating for two max-just recently finished by my silver fox. The wisteria had a 5 year head start-planted in place just waiting for the structure to magically appear. 
Yes some days I really need the solitude. A time to soak in the outdoors-feel the gentle breezes made to order for me and this moment in time. 
There must be loved ones praying for me-a good restful sleep last night. I needed that.
A now and again breeze feels like the softest most loving hug- more gentle than the drifting snow white clouds that bring with them nothing more invasive than perceived shapes of earthly creatures like rabbits, elephants or teddy bears with a clear blue, blue sky as a backdrop.
The gifts from My Heavenly Father are truly free..and far better than the biggest elaborate surprise party-perfection and purity and goodness that can't really be photographed, painted or described with mere words.
Yes, today is a Fresh Air day-Try wrapping that up with pretty paper and gold ribbons.

October shares the luscious yellow blooms just as so
much else is dead or drying. [Casscia, Peanut tree,
Raintree- whatever you call it]

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  1. Hi, Jonell

    I feel the same way, wanted to just sit and enjoy the fresh air. Unfortunately, Florida is still hot. I have another 5 weeks or so till cool weather comes our way. Have a bless week.



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