October 19, 2012

Candle Light & Good Will Connections -

I have a challenge for you today.  What does candle light and your local Salvation Army and Good Will Stores have in common? {I'm thinking the photo gave it away}
Answer: From my recent life experience it's the smart place to go first for replenishing your supply of candles for a 'whoopdeedoo superduper' price.  {Brag,Brag}
Yes, I love Candles-until they have all burned down [some say "up"] and I have to shop for replacement inventory just prior to the Thanksgiving-Christmastime season. I have good taste..an eye for quality, shapes & the right colors but it's the checkout at the register step that puts a cloud in my day. I do so hope you have access to GW and SA stores with a big inventory.
All it took to make my day this trip was two 3 in x 9 in light green never used beauties for a neat and tidy $1.00 total/not each. {There, now you know Gramma is a cheapskate}
I notice so many smart young bloggers  focus on frugality, making their dollars stretch as they put their best effort into Making their Houses Homes.  Some are frugal of necessity and others convicted about making the best use of  God's provision. Good for you! I have done this so much of my life that even during times when I have [for a short time] the ready cash ..I can't do it.  Old habits can be hard to break-in this case we could say "good habits." { a personal editorial }
~Chasing a Rabbit for a bit:  As I grow older I have found I no longer need [need] many things. When I weaken and head into the antiques, collectibles, flea markets I often leave w/o a purchase but a good time was had by all. Other days I will mentally designate an amount,usually $20. and give myself permission to be a Spendthrift for a Day..It's like a party y'all. I mean it-I do not need nor do I have space for continuing to collect the zillions of things I luvvvvvv but I can justify a very small piece of pottery that fits into the palm of my hand or a real find that has to be displayed IF I AM WILLING TO SWAP OUT another 'good thing' on display. Another option is to stash a few things in the attic and swap out some of them SEASONALLY...like the great old jars I bring down in December-January to fill with Christmas Candies. Note: There's no charge for all this free advice.

Looking Forward~


  1. Oh. my.goodness! What a find! I'm learning to rotate out my decor, like you suggested - store away for different times... it makes it feel new all over again! You're so full of great advice! LOVE YOU!

  2. Hi Jonell! Yes, it's a score for sure! Pretty and practical. Don't you love those treasures you can actually use and use up so when you go back out thrifting, you have a bit more of a reason to bring something home? Good advice. I'm taking a forced break from shopping the curb and purging all the furniture I can until after Thanksgiving (maybe Christmas). Have company coming. I only brought home one quite useable sign last week during garage sale day. So if I can just stay home and work, work, work...I'll be in good shape for keeping the stuff to a minimum!


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