October 10, 2012

Even Pecan Trees Need Pruning ~

You guessed it- We've been sitting, rocking on the front porch again, pondering the natural outdoors and life in general. I guess it's an old folks thing.  Let's blame it on that today.

Our neighbor's pecan tree is the subject of my rambling observations this morning. First it was planted strategically- between the curb and the sidewalk which in our little town gives city management the right to call it yours if it is to their advantage.  You know how that works [she adds with a cynical slip of a smile].
That tree has been there a long time. How do I know? Well,  I would just guess but actually I asked my husband, someone more knowledgeable about these things.  Mrs. N 's pecan tree is not very pretty. The shape is unbalanced-more large branches on one side than the other. As you look toward the top which is quite tall you see what I call 'spindly' branches. That's not all. Many of the branches are gnarly, twisted and ugly b/c they broke off of their own accord perhaps due to a strong wind or even too much weight from a year with heavy pecan crop. This falls under the heading of 'self pruning' according to my 'source.'  He says: "If you don't take care of them and prune judiciously -They prune themselves."
This year will not be a good pecan crop so one would assume the tree gets "a rest" not having to support the heavy pecans. 
Driving through an area like Southwest Georgia you see expansive fields  filled with Pecan Groves...you will note that generally you are looking at healthy trees,  uniform shapes  and seldom see the ugly sight of unkempt, neglected trees.
FINALLY.. to my analogy of the Christian and the Pecan Tree: 
In the life of a Christian one can expect according to Scripture and looking back at a long life, regular fine tuning, shaping and molding along with years of Great Harvest & Abundance. 
We,as Christians since we were young, have seen many pot holes & detours along the way-Consequence of Choices, false starts, stumbling & falling.  We have been the recipient of events that can only be labeled MIRACLES straight from the hand of God, times of material abundance, Joys, Blessings, and the off seasons of heartbreak, Serious & on going Health issues, ungodly life choices and the difficult Challenges of career, education, work and parenting.
-My husband has often reminded me: "God chastens His Children..whom He loves and that in itself is a reassurance of his personal Salvation experience." [tph]
With all that in mind: "Thank God for pruning, trimming, shaping and the strong winds of life that are a part of the loving chastening and nurturing of a Sovereign, Loving and All knowing God. 
 -We submit to His pruning, molding and shaping...and ask Him to honor that submission. We want to be  those beautiful, healthy, balanced, productive trees. You know we don't even have to remember when and how the tree should be trimmed and pruned. God is Good- still.

Scripture References: Hebrews 12:6 and II Timothy 3:16


  1. :) It's my prayer, too, that I allow God to prune - even when it hurts. I find myself lop sided, too often... refusing to let the gardener do His thing. I pray that my tree is always healthy enough to produce pecans (fruit)... :) thank you, thank you for this reminder! love you!

  2. Thanks Jonell. A thought worth pondering straight from your front porch to my couch by the window. Rocking suits you, it seems.


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