October 01, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays~ ?

Somewhere in my far recesses of my mind- [long term memory] I seem to recall a song with the words,"rainy days and Mondays get me down."  Is that true? I think so-anyway today in south Alabama is both a Rainy Day and it's Monday..guess what? It's not getting me down at all. I love it.
The Monday part is a no brainer. So what, it's a Monday! In our real world it's another day given to us by the God we serve.
Then as to the Rainy Days part, that gives me pause to ask the question [ rhetorical ] ''What do you do with a totally earth soaking Rainy Day?
Alright since I told you it's a rhetorical question I will respond. Generally I love rainy days. Sometimes the rain is inconvenient but I still can usually find a moment to be loving it.  Notice I left myself a way out there with the "usually."  There are times like when an unmerciful downpour catches you driving and that can truly be intense if not dangerous. Those are not exactly 'to love' experiences. That said I still love rainy days. What better way to start that day with than grabbing the favorite coffee mug or cup of your favorite tea and retreating to the front porch to perch in your spot/chair,swing, whatever and take it all in. That would include not only the visual,the sights but the rainy day sound too. Alone or with a loved one-either/or works.  If you tire of taking bird and bloom inventory then let's move to the deck or patio setting-with cover of course. Our patio does not have cover so our second choice is the deck. There we have the back yard view that includes the freshly washed by the rain trees-some the neighbors to the back of us share b/c of their strategic location near our back fence. From this vantage point we get to do a running commentary on the little squirrels that flit from tree to tree or do the 'walking the fence' routine, sometimes chasing each other. It's mid morning so there are no trash or garbage truck noises. Kids of driving age are in school so we don't have heavy traffic to and from the ball park-a good time to pick up and continue with that book or light reading from the country living magazine or the little freebie mag that has all the country bumpkin  or blond jokes...the devotional material or the word games left unfinished.
I must mention-This is the perfect morning [or afternoon] to put on a pot of homemade soup.  Our 'Soup of the Day' at the moment is Potato Soup-my version and that shows up with slight variations from one time to the next. If you're a southern Alabama, or south Georgia family you might get homemade cornbread accompanying that 'made with love' bowl of soup.
When there's a break in the rain I find it convenient to check facebook or email just to confirm that somebody I love is thinking about us today. It's super rewarding when I find and am reminded they are praying for us.
So in response to the question 'whatddaya do with a totally earth soaking rainy day?'..Let it rain, people-let it rain. God is still running this show and He knows what we really need.
Loving My South Georgia Roots




  1. I love rainy days!! It is raining here just a little this morning but I dont think its going to last. We had tater soup and sweet cornbread last week. I love the stuff!!

    Yes those notes & emails...they are what keep us going. I owe a friend a couple..she has lifted me up. I think you know her. Ive been talking about yall on my back porch!!!

  2. I'd sit out on the deck and watch the rain with you. I love watching the rain but have to watch from inside because we have no covered area to sit and enjoy it. We've sure had plenty of opportunity to watch the rain lately too because it's been raining just about every day. I'm loving it. I haven't had to water my lawn since sometime back during the Spring. The grass has been green for a really long stretch, and that makes me exceedingly happy!


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