November 01, 2012

Halloween-Fall-Thanksgiving & Christmastime

My dear friend  Heather just confessed to her Christmas Addiction on facebook. She bared her soul and admitted she may need a little help-maybe a support group. It's November 1st and she wants to haul out the Christmas trees and start decking the halls!  Just stop it y'all [facebook posters] with encouraging her.  I am old, getting older, sentimental and loving the Christmas scene, sights and sounds -more with time, not less. I am also, vulnerable as an old lady and can be easily influenced by you young, smart, creative, energetic types. Have mercy! Don't tempt me. I do not have the energy to start climbing that ladder to the attic just yet...maybe need some super duper vitamin infusion first.

OOkay...I have taken a break, am breathing normally-have decided I can defend myself girls so here goes-this is my take on this Halloween - Fall - Thanksgiving - Christmastime DECORATING DILEMMA. Be kind now and listen [ or read, actually] politely the way your Mama taught you.[regarding your elders].

I also struggle with this contagious fervor from east Texas. I definitely, absolutely love the FALL Y'ALL...would use the word AUTUMN more often but it's hard to rhyme. I had no trouble playing along with Heather to get my Fall thing in gear for our online OPEN HOUSE. [for you slow learners..check her blog  you can still find it.  I do love the season changing into it's fabulous colors even if we here in south Alabama do get short changed in that respect. YOU KNOW I'm loving this theme - I have a large BOWL FILLED WITH FALL LEAVES in my living room. [ you can laugh or smirk- I will never know ].
Now here's the REVEAL...remember-be kind.  When you were stretching the dollar store cob webs, flying bats & such..I was politely, ever so quietly IGNORING HALLOWEEN. True- I just pretended it was not happening.  {here is a space for laughter] Today November 1st I have no tub full of CANDY to dispose of and no messy 500 calorie cupcakes to pass out to the neighbors. I STILL HAVE MY FALL Y'ALL.

Henceforth- we  glide uneventfully toward THANKSGIVING..and all the while I, just like you have VISIONS OF SUGAR PLUMSDANCING IN MY HEAD...get the picture.?  Yes, I shop all year long in my favorite flea markets & antique shops  for very, very VINTAGE ornaments..shoring up the inventory of all white,gold and silver or replacing those broken last season. 
Some years I am smart enough to have some fall deco that can hang around and have Christmas worked into without having to do the huge take down and put up. 

NEXT:  I have my problems too.  While I cannot wait to have that 9ft plus tree done and flip the switch..there's a catch.  I DON'T WANT TO TAKE IT DOWN AFTER CHRISTMAS.  While Heather's hubby doesn't know what he might find [Christmas] all over the house when he comes back from his hunting trip in this pre thanksgivng space...My husband just prays after December 26th that he will be surprised when he walks in and find NOTHING  decorated., all signs of Christmastime gone. Did I mention that we have small trees all over the house. I will share Christmas Decor Pictures just as soon as it is decent to do so. Get in line! 

Thanks Heather & Company for your inspiring facebook conversation  - I jumped into your fb exchange and when the post began to look like a 'book' I decided to publish it for Like Gramma's House Readers/Followers  instead.  If you are new to LGH I hope you can linger for a while on the front porch, the backyard swing or maybe settle in on the new white bench next to the deck, perhaps snuggle up w a cup of coffee or grab a favorite tea and enjoy -and catch up with recent posts and the quiet, small town life we share in south Alabama.

Looking Forward,

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