November 12, 2012

What Does H O M E Feel Like?

This weekend I had a long and wonderful telephone conversation with a dear, special lady from my PHS Class of 1959.  It was sweet and thoughtful of her to call, inquiring about our personal situation, as we deal with a significant health issue.
After Bonnie and I talked for an easy half hour- I  began to think about my feelings  about GOING HOME. 

  • My south Georgia cousins are now scattered, not many actually live in the area I now refer to as Home Some long for connection and contact; Others don't seem to have the same need
  • My 'back Home' is rural south Georgia.
  • Home is recognizing twists and turns in the country roads, recalling who lived there & things that happened here.
  • Home feels like Good memories, Sad Memories and snapshots in time all filed away in our personal memory banks
  • Home feels like being remembered
  • Home feels like being accepted, Valued, Appreciated, even Treasured
  • Home feels like a good fit
  • Home has an open door..another rocker on the porch . an extra plate set at the table -and a bed that can be readied for unexpected company
  • Home is  conversations that begin with "Remember when?"
  • Home feels like "Us"...
  • Home: the ultimate Group Hug
I can say unequivocally that Home feels like gathering in south Georgia with high school classmates who lived similar lives, have many of the same memories.  So many of us went to school together. We went to church together, ate together, spent overnights together as well as Sunday Dinners and Sunday afternoons. That sounds like HOME.
Thanks Bonnie for inspiring me! Think about it-We share a lot of history, the same values and many shared memories. I can truly say that I love you dearly. JWH


  1. PHS, as in Piedmont High?

  2. P.S...I am just INLOVE with your black wicker set! Just lovely! (:

  3. Carrie: PHS for me is PATTERSON HIGH SCHOOL [GA.]

  4. THANK YOU! Confession: I found this [Settee, two chairs and table at a local $$ store for $99 6 yrs ago] They are needing a 3rd repaint but basically have held up well all $ considering.GOOOOOOO CHEAP when you can!!

  5. Another beautiful post, filled with thought provoking happy feelings. Bonnie should be flattered that she inspired such a lovely post.

  6. wanda mobley pitts12/13/2012

    Very well said ......... I'm sure many of us have the same but unexpressed feelings ...

    1. Wanda: Yippee! I am thrilled and yes Honored that my cousin is now a part of this CONVERSATION and Rememberings. I know you are one of the YOUNGER cousins but our stories are so entwined..and the bonds are still sweet even as it has become so difficult to physically visit face to face. I would so love for you to begin, if not a blog project of your own at least jump in some of these posts with your own personal thoughts.

      Loving you..


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