November 12, 2012

'Your House is Like H O M E'

I know you are reading this post title with a quizzical expression and asking "What does that mean?"  It's coming. I will explain...stay with me.

A young blogger friend  notes that her blog is all about "making your house a Home."  I carefully and lovingly try to leave just the right decorative touches around the Harrison House calling upon every ounce of creativity in me to do so.  On more than one occassion someone has at the end of the 'free house tour' exclaimed "I love your house" and the last part of that expression is "It is soo Comfortable."  Another has said "It's like turning the pages of Southern Living Magazine."
After some consideration on my part I  came to the conclusion that these are great responses to my creative efforts. It's  "A Good Thing"..[Martha Stewart]
This weekend I took note of yet another very unique and heartfelt expression after yet another Harrison House Tour.
We were truly blessed to host three Troy University students in our home for lunch on Saturday. Two of the young ladies are International students from China and the third an all American southern girl.
As I took care of  last minute things for our lunch outdoors on the deck, the girls were free to wander and check out our home.  After a quick unsupervised look around the petite 24 yr. old graduate student [who looks like a 15 yr old ] joined me in the kitchen and in her bubbling youthful enthusiastic way shared with me : "I just love your house-it is like  HOME."

Now, how totally priceless is that! She was not trying to be 'cute.'  I asked if I could share her thoughts on Like Gramma's House and asked permission to post pictures.I knew the University students  would likely be surprised  this 71 year old  would be a blogger and gave them a little background on my blog motivation etc.
"I just love your house-it is like  HOME."

Post Script: After the perfect compliment I think it's a good place to stop-another HOME post will follow shortly



  1. Anonymous11/12/2012

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Some people just don't realize the importance of home. How necessary it is to have a sanctuary from the world. My husband loves to be home and I love it that he feels that way.

    1. Our attitudes change re things like this especially as WE GET OLDER don't you think> jh


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