November 22, 2012

A Thankful Note~

Thanksgiving Day at the Harrison House in South Alabama-5 a.m. when the alarm sounded-It was painful. I went straight to the kitchen to set the oven & turn on the flame to perk the coffee. Yes, I said "perk" the coffee. I am back to perking coffee again. At this early hour I was having serious self doubting moments-doubting my sanity for setting this plan in motion and doubting my physical ability to get it done.  No, I am not THE COOK today. I'm only a 'contributor'..preparing two  simple dishes to pitch in with the others at our [newest] daughter in law's Thanksgiving gathering .  She and our [oldest] son have only been married a year and it was her choice to have everyone for this feast of food day.

At almost 7 a.m. I smell the southern cornbread dressing  in my oven since 5:30 a.m. I'm wondering if I can possibly wait for Brunch with part of our family around 10-10:30.

I know my blog readers/followers are working with a list, a schedule with 'things to do' and 'places to be' so I will keep this early Turkey Day post short and sweet.

For those who may be wondering how we are managing to be Thankful in this season of Thankfulness...relax, that is not an issue.

I cannot be less than thankful...after all I serve a Savior who died for me and that same God placed a sweetheart for life  alongside me who has faithfully without wavering devoted himself to me and our children  for more than 53 years. 
For many years as I pray I ask God to keep my heart tender..and thankful. I truly believe If I have that tender, thankful heart  the Holy spirit will always be able to reach me breaking through any self imposed distance or coldness I might be dealing with. 
For this special day I pray for each of you much joy, many loved ones around you and a heart full of peace, compassion and thankfulness.  Enjoy-Let's not  waste a minute of this day God has given us.

                                          Looking Forward ~


  1. Have I told you lately that I am thankful for YOU?! Love you... and am really enjoying that new, Christmas banner! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you...

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  3. Ahhhhhh Heather, I dearly love you & I know you didn't mean to 'make me cry'- This was our "First Annual" Christmas Morning Brunch for Two, a last minute decision after Christmas Day worship service- now I plan to make it a regular. It's totally EEEEEEEEZZ b/c of all the prep prior to all the festivities.


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