November 12, 2012

High School Class Reunion [s]

PHS left front view of bldg prior to
recent Renovation
 My Patterson High School Class of 1959 gathers at this time each year in south Georgia.
It's been  on our calendars annually since our really big 50th Reunion in 2009. My husband and I were unable to make it this year. The random thoughts below traversed through my even more random mental files after a long telephone conversation with Bonnie who called, knowing we were no shows because of the significant health issue enveloping our lives just now.
Our high school class is unique. Many of the fifty-two graduates have remained or returned to that rural area of south Georgia. Others like myself, had lost contact or only a few reconnect visits over the span of 50 years. Since our big 50th reunion affair we gather each fall and typically about 27-29 of us show up. [We've lost 8 or 10 of the group.]
The showing up is not the unique quality of the class of '59.
 What I and others have observed about this group of 70-71 year olds is that we are all so comfortable it's much like our personal family connections with cousins. Sure, we are now old folks, most with more grey hair, a few more pounds and more wear and tear showing depending on the life issues we've had to weather. No matter, the bond is still there.
During all these gatherings I am never aware of  pretense with anyone trying to impress others with accomplishments, material aquisitions or station in life. I have seen almost zero immaturity with anyone bringing up juvenile, 1950's memories that might embarrass the mature, accomplished, productive grown-ups we have become. All in all our classmates have grown up and grown old rather nicely. It's an amazing group of relics from mid-century, 20th Century America...another time, indeed another world in retrospect.
That's all, folks-just wanted to record what's on my mind-after all if it's not recorded it will quickly be a thing of the past. Understood?

Looking Forward ~

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