December 01, 2012

December First ~ It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

The 9ft. plus tree is 99.5% finished in the living room and I am waiting for my helper to show up with the stamina, height and basic skills for  getting the lights strung, secured and uniform circling the front porch roof line. So far all the strings I have pulled from the storage box are testing positive when plugged in.  Wish me luck with that!

and ...our "JOY TO THE WORLD" banner [w spotlight] will get in place while I have the additional pair of hands.  Ted's handcrafted Nativity silhouette [w spotlight] is already in place. The banner and the nativity [ NOEL] are our choices to make a statement to onlookers . We want to be clear about WHAT WE ARE CELEBRATING during this season of festivities and decorations and lights. Make no mistake Jesus Christ is THE REASON FOR THIS SEASON. 

Everything else is just frivolous, frosting on the cake and fun with all the good things like Sharing, Giving, Caring for those who cannot care for themselves. 

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  1. Hi Jonell! It's so good to be back and see you busy with the family and the house and enjoying all the good things God gives. Your tree and banner sound they are going to be a hit. Hope we'll get to see some pictures when it's all up!


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