December 13, 2012

Glimpses of The Christ-mas Season at Gramma's House~

[I may not have time for REAL POSTS..Check in daily for new scenes -Have a wonderful, Christ filled, Joyful time with your loved ones. We expect to have almost all of our Children and Grands with us on the 23rd so Inspiration should find me   as we enjoy  new ways of celebrating Christmas for Two ]

 Designer: Vicky Dickert  Photos: jwh


  1. Anonymous12/13/2012

    Those trees are adorable! I have one lonsome undecorated tree with white lights in my Carolina Room. there are no ornaments because this is just a screened in room (upper deck) and wind from the lake would destroy ornaments. My mantle is decorated and my Alabama Wreath is on the front door. Being gone for Christmas makes for less decorating at home. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy yours. Merry Christmas and God Bless

    1. The tree w lights only is the perrrfect solution! If I can come up w another tree that's what I would do on our little screened in porch.
      Betcha do miss the usual decorating, right? I find as we are older....and older I want THE SAME THING every year..changes are certain but it is so difficult to adjust to the changes...just when I think I have the perfect arrangement to accomodate everyone it seems to change -and these seasons are priceless..the time is precious.[personally]

      Please come back for more and satisfy my curiosity re who 'anonymous' is ok? lol

      Like Gramma's House

  2. It's fun seeing your decorations. That little silver tree is so cool! Hope you are well!


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