January 06, 2016

Don't Assume Anything-

About post Christmastime progress-No the storage containers have not made it to the attic yet!  My excuse is they just won't climb those stairs.

I hope I have never misled you-giving you cause to think I am that kind of Gramma, promptly making order  from the chaos on January first.

Handmade Candles thanks to the creative thoughtfulness of
the youngest Grand daughter [ zoom in:  "Around the world
and back again"  ATWABA

Okay, the real scoop -
the ugly truth this January 2016:

The tree I so love, is still up in the living room.  The lights [on a copper thread/wire] are still twinkling wound into the mantle décor. The tabletop trees placed strategically in the dining room, spare bedrooms and even kitchen and computer room [a very tiny one here].  The dining room tablescape has not changed yet though I suspect I will only remove Christmas décor leaving the old bottles to make do or inspire me for a transitional table scene. 

Oh mygoodnessme....I have spent too few hours sitting here this season...So much work and too little time soaking it in- this can be the very best time and space for pondering, meditating, praying, quiet rejoicing..

Confession:  I did not handle this well for 2015-not discouraging though it gets me started with an early to-do LIST -plans, goals -reminders not resolutions!

Let's move on:  It will get done when it gets done-quoting my children; "It is what it is."

Looking ahead  note that I have some incredible things to share with you as this new year begins..as I get it together I will share Pictures and stories from our Costa Rica Mission trip [ First Baptist Church, Troy,Alabama ] in December then perhaps you will empathize.  Maybe not, nonetheless, I look forward to sharing My reason for Costa Rica...part of that story goes way back to the 1950's.

Our family has a Wedding on the 2016 calendar, a high school graduation, some travel and of course with all the Grands & our Mr. Lincoln [Great Grand] there will continue to be happenings & blessings to share as appropriate.

Looking Forward- Still



  1. you have much to look forward to this year..
    looking forward to reading bits & pieces. :)

  2. Sherry I am still noting milestones too-

  3. I'm so glad you're still enjoying your Christmas decorations, friend. There is no rule that matters, your comfort and joy is all that counts! I'm excited to hear about your mission trip to Costa Rica! Sounds like life is keeping you busy. Good! Much love and many blessings. xo

  4. We're in the same boat ... my tree is still shining bright. I always leave it up until after January 1, as a New Year needs a bit of festivity, as well, but hopefully it will be down by the weekend.


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